We Do not Need to Walk Alone

Today’s readings are Ruth 1 and Phil 3:12-21.

Over the next few days we will read through the great story of Ruth.

Over the next few days we will see the hand of God at work.

Over the next few days we will wonder about life, about our future, about loss, about bitterness and more importantly about how faith really works and what transformation really looks like. Added to all of this will be the question of how do we really treat others and finally we will focus on the great principle of redemption.

As the story in chapter one unfolds we can sense that Naomi must have had mixed feelings as she urged her daughters-in-law to turn back. To the pain of losing home, husband and sons, she thought that she need to add more pain by returning home alone. We are caught by surprise with Ruth’s unexpected and determined committment to Naomi, which crossed both the bonds of race and religion, as well as human logic and reason, “Where you will go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried” (v16-17).

Believing that God was out to get her, Naomi wanted people to shun her to avoid being sucked into her world of pain and suffering (see v13). Ruth as we know, would not listen to such cries and in fact would attach herself even more closely. Yes, it is true that it is during times of suffering that you discover who your true friends are. For Naomi, God gave her Ruth. Yet, for Naomi, even with the welcoming cries of the women of Bethlehem, she remained detached and negative, failing to even acknowledge Ruth’s presence. Naomi was open about her complaint against God, but her pain had blurred her perception of his love for her, “I went away full, but the Lord has afflicted me; the Almighty has brought misfortune upon me” (v26).

There is a universal truth about suffering and that is that when you are in the middle of pain, it is often very hard to see the hand of God at work. It is only later that one can acknowledged God’s goodness and plan.

For us today, while we ponder this chapter, we can also be encouraged by the words of Paul from Philippians 3, “Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus” (v15).

In the race marked out for us, and yes we are all in a race to the finish line, Ruth’s example of how one women stood by another is a wonderful example of grace and friendship. It reminds me of the call of God in my own life to stand alongside others in their times of suffering, to not turn my back away from them, to ensure that as struggles come (and they will come upon us all), that we can all be there for one other. May it be true for our generation of Christ followers that no one ever has to walk alone.



2 thoughts on “We Do not Need to Walk Alone

  1. Thanks for your writing today Ian, I really do hope and pray that I have never turned my back on anyone who has needed a friend or a listening ear, without me realising it. I enjoyed your interpretation of Naomi’s feelings, (even a little selfish when you think about it) nor did I realise that she didn’t acknowledge Ruth’s presence as a present from God until later of course. My how we can get caught up with our own problems eh?

  2. Thank you Ian. The Philippines reading is one of those verses that comes to mind so very often, a life verse. One that should be stored in the believers heart. Will quote from my Bible as I believe there are so many who really need this verse to bring them peace and a sense of victory because of the cross.

    Paul had reason to forget the past – he had held the coats of those who stoned Stephen, the first Christian martyr. We have all done things for which we are ashamed and we live in the tension of what we have been and what we want to be. Because our hope is in Christ, however we can let go of past guilt and look forward to what God will help us become. Don’t dwell on your past, instead grow in your knowledge of God by concentration on your relationship with Him NOW. Realize that you are forgiven and then move on to a life of faith and obedience. Look forward to a fuller and more meaningful life because of your hope in Christ. – Life Application Bible.

    Maybe if more Christians understood this we would see more of Gods Hands at work in the lives of believers. But how we love to hold on to things of the past. Its like its written into our DNA just can’t seem to let it drop (speaking from experience – in my own life).

    A Christian who unsure of his / her forgiveness through Christ is an easy target for Satan who loves to accuse believers and cause them to doubt their forgiveness. He is after all called ,”the accuser of the brethren”. Sometimes its just a matter of asking another brother / sister in the Lord to come and pray with you for the assurance that is needed. And when Satan tries to tempt us with bringing up the past we can quote from Gods Word truth that will cause him to flee for he cannot stand against the Word of God. It is written……………….

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