It was a big day at work and all I wanted was a quiet night at home so I could think about, and write the FDR! But Mahalia had sent a text to ask if Sam G and Daniel J could join her, Nathan, Alyssa and I for dinner (Karen was out till late). Ok, I guess. Then the brainstorm! Get all the troops to share their observations on today’s passages. So here they are:


Observations from 1 Samuel 2:1-10

R: Hannah rejoices in the supremacy of God. He makes our own hearts rejoice. He is our fullness, He is the giver of life, He knows all things, weights all things, judges all things, sets all things. 

N: If we worship, despite our bereavement, loss, disadvantage, suffering, the Lord will bless us. 

M: Hannah’s raw prayer of rejoicing is juxtaposed with a spirit of boasting and words of rebuke to those who spoke against her. It’s a complex blend of heartfelt praise, a desire to worship God and to articulate her burden. 

A: It was sad to see the tone to Hannah’s prayer that verges on bitter and resentful in regards to Peninnah’s treatment of her. This made me consider the complex situation that Elkanah found himself in with his two wives. Hannah’s courage was inspiring through her faith that God would provide for her and His love for her.

S: I think her ‘horn’ in verse 1 can often be translated as her victory. This prayer is like a victory prayer for Hannah. She praises the Lord’s holiness and deliverance over her situation and enemies, but she also has a distinct awareness of the Lord’s omnipotent power. 

D: True: “there is no rock like our God.He is sovereign and still our rock even in hard stuff. “The Lord makes poor and makes rich; He brings low and He lifts up.”

Observations from Colossians 1:15-20

R: Paul understands the supremacy of Christ. We see Christ, and we see God! He is the Word of creation, over all things, in all things, and reconciling all things, seen and unseen, on Earth and in Heaven, through His own sacrificial life-blood. 

N: ‘By’ Him all things were made? Do we comprehend that this is the same Jesus who walked the Earth? 

M: Jesus has all power; the world literally is bonded to Christ and His reign, being either in Heaven or on Earth, dead or alive. His supremacy overcomes all, and as it says, He is the beginning, the FIRSTBORN among the dead.

A: In light of the passage containing Hannah’s prayer, verse 16b stood out: “all things were created by Him and for Him.” Hannah prayed for a long time to God for the blessing of a son and promised that she would present him before the Lord for service in His house. God opened Hannah’s womb and allowed her and Elkanah to ‘create’ a son, Samuel (meaning ‘heard’) who was given to the house of the Lord to serve Him there. 

S: This passage draws on similar themes to the 1 Samuel scripture in regards to God’s power, but has a greater centrality around the authority of Christ. We need to realise the connection of Christ in trinity with the Father and Holy Spirit. Jesus deserves the same glory, and is worthy of praise, because the fullness of the Father dwells in Him. 

D: Jesus is God; the first man, present at creation, all things from Him, through Him, to Him, before all things. The depth of the description of Jesus’ supremacy is magnificent. 

3 thoughts on “Supremacy!

  1. Thanks to you all! I think it’s amazing as a mother giving ‘over’ her son (28)and walking away from him. Hannah had such resolve to fulfil her vow to God.she had the full support of her husband. God is so perfectly sovereign in choosing this couple to be Samuel’s parents.

  2. Thank you all! I find one of the most rewarding aspects of ministry is when God answers prayer exactly how it was asked. I have been blessed to see this happen many, many times over the years. And after we have received what we have asked for it’s just so wonderful to thank God. Hannah knew her God personally. She had a relationship with Him. I’m looking forward to praying for members of our community from the new ministry centre at Farmborough in the new year. I think God is going to do a wonderful work as we go out into our world with the love of Christ. I’m looking forward to people having peace in their lives because of the blood of Jesus. I’m looking forward to those who have been unable to forgive be given the grace to do so. And I’m looking forward to seeing those who fear death understand that Jesus has overcome death. And most of all I’m looking forward to see people come to know the love of the Father that will fill their empty lives and make them feel whole for the first time ever. And when God answers our prayers may we too remember to offer Him the praise that He so rightly deserves.

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