Kings and things…

Today’s faithful daily read is from 1 Samuel 8 and Col 3:1-11

Sounds like groundhog day doesn’t it?* Just like Eli, Samuel also tries to pass on his spiritual life and ministry to his sons and fails.

Despite the great leader and judge that Samuel was to Israel he is rejected. Israel wants a king, a flawed man-king. Perhaps while Samuel is busy feeling his own rejection, God points out the real tragedy—they are rejecting King Yahweh.

Samuel warns Israel all of the Lord’s predictions of the perils of a king, but they are insistent. ‘We want to be like the other nations’…like the other nations? Really? After all God has done to set them apart from the other nations…

God says, ‘let them have a king’.

Two things are taking place, 1. They will get the kings they deserve and reap a tragedy. 2. This monarchy will usher in the king they don’t deserve.

After the anarchy of Judges we are going to see all the same problems under a monarchy in the rest of our reading through Samuel. Aren’t you glad you read Ruth wedged nicely between Judges and Samuel, and met Boaz, King Jesus’ redeemer ancestor?

As we draw closer to Christmas and advent begins in the next few days rejoice that we have the king we don’t deserve, the son who lived out his father’s righteousness, and took on his father’s throne.

Rejoice that our lives are raised and hidden in this king…

Rejoice that we are all one in this king….

Rejoice that we are not downtrodden but made free by this king.

Who is this king? He is the Christ…the annointed.


*movie where the past day kept repeating.


One thought on “Kings and things…

  1. Thank you Geoff.
    I love how God uses everyday living to show us (me) where I need more of His grace. And teaching my 17 year old how to drive has certainly been showing me that my that my mouth still has work to be done!!! The beauty of Jesus is that He loves me enough to keep showing me and hopefully keep changing me from the inside out. I thank God for His patience with me and that He hasn’t just left me as I was before knowing Him as my Lord and Saviour. And because of Christ in me I don’t have to think ,”well that’s just the way I am”. i can ask Him to help me and in His faithfulness He will. He just is looking for a heart that is willing to change. The new testament reading is clear ,”GET RID OF ……….

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