Lost and Found

1 Samuel 9

I hate loosing stuff. Finding missing things is stressful and a waste of time. It is one thing if I have misplaced something, and I only have myself to blame, it is entirely another thing if it wasn’t my fault. I haven’t lost any donkeys recently. Although we do have a dog whose nick name is donkey (if you have met her you will know why). She went missing – and I was so angry with her. She had escaped out of our back yard. I spent an hour driving around our neighborhood calling out her name. If only I had a seer. Like Saul’s donkey, mine also had returned home while I was looking for her.

What an incredible thing that God had caused Saul to go look for his donkeys, so that he might be found. God tells Samuel that he will send Saul to him (9:16). It turns out that the whole of Israel was searching for Saul (9:20). Saul was to be the king that they were asking for.

God seeks to save the lost. Whilst we are going about our everyday duties, including finding wayward donkeys, God is the one who is actually seeking us. Unlike me searching for my donkey, God doesn’t do it in anger, but in absolute love. His heart is yearning for us to return home to him. He has a special anointing for us to come into his kingdom. with Jesus as our king.

Next time you lose something, give thanks to God that he has found you.



One thought on “Lost and Found

  1. Thank you Lachlan. I think that this is part of the work of the Spirit in the believers life-to remind us that God has found us and made us one of His own. Just another thing that I can ask God to give me a constant reminder of Grace. That in turn will keep the heart thankful, grateful and full of praise for what God has done.

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