Boxing Day…the ‘day after’

Today’s faithful daily read is  Luke 2:41-52 and  Isa 9:1-2

Today’s Luke reading feels a bit like Boxing Day itself.

Boxing Day: Christmas has given way to the ‘day after’ for us (as Ian preached on recently). As we peer bleary-eyed at discarded wrapping paper that was so exciting the night before and held the promise of treasures, we might wonder how excitement gives way to mundane. What was all the fuss about the day before?

It seems to me that Joseph and Mary’s Christmas Day wonder and excitement has given way to the mundane episodes of raising a son. A trip to the passover and Jesus is lost in the crowd. On finding him at the temple Joseph and Mary are looking less like the Holy family of the nativity scene and more like a couple of anxious, frustrated parents of a naughty child. Perhaps it was 12 years of the ‘day after’ for Joseph and Mary’ that have dulled their senses to what God was doing next.

But now they are put on notice. The Passover has profoundly influenced their son. Now he is calling the temple ‘his Father’s house’. Now he is discussing the Holy Scriptures with the scribes and confounding them.  Jesus is coming of age in more ways than one. Joseph and Mary need to keep remembering Christmas day if they are ever going to make sense of what God is about to do in their little family.

Boxing Day is a ‘next day’ for us after a busy and exciting Christmas season of carols and services. While we might be lulled into the ordinariness of our next day, let us be on high alert for what God will do next. Christmas Day needs to inform the next day…which is today.

Are we ready for what God will do next in our lives?




5 thoughts on “Boxing Day…the ‘day after’

  1. Ready and waiting for the next episode. The one thing I love about believing in Jesus (God on earth) is that He is in control and I don’t have to worry,because He cares for me, more than I care for myself. Thanks Geoff

  2. Thanks Geoff. It is an exciting prospect isn’t it to know that God will be personally leading each one of us down the next path to achieve His purposes. What a great privilege to have Him as my Father and Saviour.

  3. Without being a fence sitter – I’m ready, yes and no. Part of me is calling out “YES, bring it ON.” as I too look forward to walking, running (a few steps any how) and even a little (lop sided) skipping in the path God has for me and my family. And part of me is concerned about what is to come and wants to whisper out (very quietly) “. . . no . . .”. Yet I know very well my Lord has me and my family carefully under his wing of care and protection (Ps 91:4) as the trials of this life and the roles I am called to are worked out for His will. From the very beginning of my walk with Him as a child until today, and for evermore I am convinced that He has me in His care. Yes the difficult times continue. But so much more does His love and care for me and mine. So much more that I am able to continue in His paths by His grace and strength. Not mine. A Saviour, Father, Friend, Protector – who walks with me. Walks with me here, in all my life. Immanuel (God with us).

  4. Thanks Geoff for the encouragement today. I like the thought of ‘Christmas’ being every morning with its hope of salvation, rather than the crumpled paper of materialism that surrounds us in our house today.

  5. Immanuel God with us.
    Through the pain.
    Through the sorrow.
    Through the agony.
    Through the despair.
    Through the loneliness.
    Through the hurt.
    Through the disappointment.

    But also

    Through the joy
    Through the love
    Through the anticipation
    Through the good
    Through the peace
    Through the holidays.

    We never have to walk alone no matter what this world throws at us, becsuse God through His Holy Spirit is with us. We are blessed!!!

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