McDonalds Christians

New Years Resolution #1 – eat less junk food (lasted 2 days before the family hit Macca’s again)

New Year’s Resolution #2 – get fit (false start – perhaps try again in February)

New Year’s Resolution #3 – read my bible everyday (ummm)


Anything that is worth doing is going to be hard work. Why? Because the outcome will be significant.

What significant outcome do you hope for in your Christian Walk this year?

Jesus spoke in parables to challenge his hearers. Those consumer Christians, looking for a quick fix went away quite unsatisfied, whilst those willing to chew on what Jesus had served them came away knowing, owning and applying the deep truths about God and their relationship with Him.

The often miss-titled parable in Luke 8:1-15 is not so much about the sower, as it is about the soils. Are you hard to the gospel, accepting of the gospel but without strong roots, are you so influenced by the world that the gospel is choked out of your life, or are you ready to do hard work in your Christian walk nurturing the gospel, weeding out dark influences in your life, or even being willing to replant yourself into more fertile ground to ensure growth? If you are like me you have probable felt like each of these soils at different times.

In 2012 I started going to the gym. I really had no excuse as I lived across the road from one. The gym hurts. But I know this hurt is producing the significant outcome I desired. I knew this pain was from my micro tears in my muscles that would heal over the next few days to form stronger muscles. But this took persistence, routine, and endurance. The same is true in growing in our knowledge and love of God. If I seriously want to grow in my knowledge, love and obedience of God I need persistence, routine and endurance to delve deep into the word of God.

Have another look at today’s passage and choose just one aspect of it, and start to drill down into it. What does it really mean, how are you like this or not like this, what is one aspect of your life that this passage affects? Work hard on that.

Are you feeling the pain? Is it hard work? Keep it up. Feel the growth.


5 thoughts on “McDonalds Christians

  1. Lachlan, I also wonder what micro tears will occur in my spiritual muscles this year only if they’re exercised of course! I hope for a crop of good works (the kind that were prepared in advance for me to do) and and closer walk with my heavenly Father. Being on Ignite sure reminded me of the disciplines of prayer and reading the scriptures as the youth had prepared daily “Time Alone With God” personal bible reading and reflection guides.

  2. Thanks Lachlan for the reminder that it is not an easy ride to become ‘more like Jesus’.

  3. Thank you Lachlan. I guess that all my good intentions won’t avail to anything without the power of the Holy Spirit to do it. I have to learn to co-operate with the Spirit if I’m going to see lasting change. The pain that is felt is dying to self. It’s keeping my mouth shut when I want to answer back. It’s submitting to my husband when my flesh screams no. It’s carrying my cross daily to follow Christs way of living and without Gods power to follow Jesus I’m going to set myself up for failure.
    It’s a pity we didn’t have the last part of Luke’s reading in chapter 7 as this makes so very clear what happens when we really grasp how much we have been forgiven. And how once having that Divine understanding of forgiveness how our lives are transformed.
    He / she who has been forgiven much loves much but he /she who has been forgiven little loves little.
    May we each receive a revelation of how much we have been forgiven and may that revelation of forgiveness shape our lives from the inside out.

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