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The crowd is large and Jesus’s mother and brothers are prevented from getting close to be with Him. At first Jesus’s response seems odd and dismissive.My guess is that at this moment He is single-minded in purpose for the gospel. Family relationships as good and important as they are must be subservient to our relationship with the Father and Son. Eternally, we have a heavenly Father and Jesus is Lord and saviour and brother. Sadly some have misappropriated this verse and somehow discounted and even despised their family as they follow Christ. I assume this can occur in less than supportive circumstances.

The calming of the storm is one of the go to events in the life of Christ. The disciples are experienced boatmen and have seen stormy weather on the lake before. They rightly conclude they are in danger.They are surprised, even after witnessing previous miracles, that Jesus has supernatural power over the elements as they exclaim ‘Who is this? He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him.’ They had a familiarity with Jesus but didn’t fully know Him. I too think I can kid myself that “I Know Christ” sometimes. The Father and Son have the power to intervene in ways that surprise in greater ways than I could imagine. I think Paul’s conversion is a great example of this. He was absolutely the last person the early church would have expected to be Christs missionary to the gentiles.

As I read this event I, and probably many others long to be surprised by God. As we seek, walk and stumble in relationship with him, we also long for those surprises from our heavenly father. A bit like when your dad came home with a chocolate treat unexpectedly.

May you like me be surprised by the Father’s treats.


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  1. Liked reading your post

    When asking the Lord about His words, I also received this understanding: our relationships with one another are re-aligned in God our Father – made new, transformed, refreshed, enriched, as we learn relationships His way- learn to love and honour His way.

    Jesus sleeping in the storm has been such a rich source of comfort to me- knowing that He is Lord over every detail of the storms I encountered and I could simply rest in His Peace.

    His blessings for 2014

    • Yes Aruna I agree, it is comforting to know and experience the Lord in the boat with us. At times though we doubt his power and even his love. Bless you as you “sleep” in His peace.

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