Down from the high moment and working

FDR for 30/01/2014

Our reading today is from Luke 9:37-45.

Just eight short verses that demonstrate Jesus, down from His and the disciples mountain top, is back doing what He came to do amongst us.

Yesterday, Ron drew our attention to or own coming down from those mountain top moments and getting back to what we usually do. Its worth recalling again, the affirmation of Jesus as God’s son in Luke 9:34 and 35 and God’s instruction to listen to Him. Not to put too fine a point on it even Jesus gets back to His mission.

A child’s demon is exorcised. And the disciples have a reminder of what Jesus was here to do. (Although the meaning of this is hidden from them! v45.)

Many of our younger families will feel a sense of the return to normal today as school recommences and routines are renewed. Our older families without school age children will notice the changes to daily routine around them. For some of us, changes to people, perhaps colleagues in our workplaces, or traffic patterns mark a return to ‘normal’. Even simply getting out of summer break clothes back into ‘work’ clothes means a return to normal. Our TAFE and University teachers and students are preparing to get back to their normal work, if they haven’t had summer school. Even our retired colleagues will notice the return to work mindset that has occurred or is occurring as the back to work change rolls across our Australian scene.

From my recollection this is the third start to a new year we’ve experienced in the last three months with one more to come.
1. Advent began the new Church year four weeks before Christmas.
2. January 1 began the new calendar year.
3. The new school year is commencing or has already commenced.
4. The new university year will commence in the next few weeks.

Perhaps you are over new beginnings already for the coming year. Perhaps we’ve landed back in the routine of our lives with a bit of a thump?

Yet straight after the grandeur of being seen in the company of Moses, who led the Israelites as God’s people for so long, and Elijah, also God’s faithful servant amidst famine, murder and corruption, God’s Son steps down off the mountain top to meet us where we are.

A father worried about his very ill and suffering son. Jesus acknowledging and predicting the deathly path set before Him to save each one of us.

As we have begun or begin the year in front of us, we will worship, study, pray, sing, and ponder together much of what God says through the Bible to us. Our pastors and colleagues will bring to us challenges and learning. We will walk with our friends and new friends, our brothers and sisters, and those yet to know Jesus as their Saviour, through good times, through difficult times, through struggles of our own.

Through things we understand and things for which there appears no understanding.

While this passage demonstrates both; something understood, the healing of the son; and something not understood, the path to death for our sins; we need to hold onto both.

Jesus knows exactly what we need. As He did for the healing of this man’s son. As He does in dying for our sins so that we might have eternal life.

Here in Jesus’ example, we have a model for our own lives as His followers and servants. As we walk in the usual or routine to look out for those around us we are called to serve. For each God given opportunity in 2014 to support our brothers and sisters, to learn more and experience more of our great God and to help those who don’t know Jesus to see Him through what we do and say. Enjoy the mountain tops and the glimpses of God’s great creation, enjoy the working place we are set in and the great and mundane we are asked to serve in.

May the Lord bless each of us and all of FAC as we seek to serve and minister in all we do.


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  1. Thank you Glenn (and Ron yesterday) for your encouraging and challenging words. To me, a new beginning, whether a new start or a re-commencing, is always a time of anticipation and excitement. May we all look to Jesus as together at FAC we walk the new road He has designed for each of us.

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