Are you ready?

Today’s Reading: Luke 12:35-48, 1 Thessalonians 3:1-5

I am not ready  ……  and it’s bugging me!

Every year as the colder months approach the Winter cycle racing season draws near. For the best part of 4 months I have been preparing for the start of the season in April, to ride fast enough not to embarrass myself in front of my peers – the other MAMILs (middle-aged-men-in-Lycra); to be clever enough to outwit their race moves and cement myself as a competitive C grade racer.

But here we are half way through February and I am not ready. Illness, busyness at work, the distractions of family and church and school commitments means I am not ready – and I am not comfortable.

I am not ready!

The main game

As I read Luke today I am reminded again that C grade cycling is not the main game. Nor is career success, family, financial security, physical appearance or the myriad of other priorities that seem to compete for my time and affection.

One day Jesus will return. If I dead by then I will be raised to life – if I am still alive I will be taken up to the sky to meet with Him and see him as he is – glorious and beautiful, with his radiance filling all of my senses

Will I be like the good servant who is standing at the door to open it when the master knocks? Or will I be distracted by other things?

Feeling uncomfortable?

The challenge from Jesus today should make us feel uncomfortable – more uncomfortable than whether we are ready for a bike race, or the HSC, or our child’s wedding, or our next holiday, or anything else.

Am I looking forward to his return, being obedient to His will, using his gifts for His glory until he comes back? Am I focused on the right things? Are my energies directed towards the things that will ultimately count?  Am I being obedient to God’s call or simply indulging my fantasy’s on silly things?

Or am I naively cruising towards a beating!

Paul’s plan for readiness – Timothy

Paul wanted the Thessalonians to be ready for Jesus return and for their faith to remain strong in the face of persecution. He sent Timothy to them to encourage them to keep them on the right track.

It seems to me that all of us need our “Timothys” to encourage us along the way.

That’s why I am going to the SHED tomorrow night. It will be my first time in 2014 and I am looking forward to it. I need other men to be Timothy to me, to encourage me and remind me not to get distracted by bike races and other silly things, to sustain me through the trials of life and to give me the best chance of being ready when Jesus returns.

It’s also why I met with a Christian buddy yesterday morning before work to pray. He was a Timothy to me as I started yet another crazy work week, and I hope I was a Timothy to him as we shared the things that are on our hearts and minds and prayed together.

God has sent me to be a Timothy to my wife Lise. I want to encourage her through the up’s and down’s, to pray with her, to remind her of relevant bible passages, to gently lead her and our family, so that she is found ready when Jesus returns.

And finally I am going to be a Timothy to my kids, because God has sent me to them too. As hard as it is, and as inconsistent as I am, I am going to recommit to reading the bible and praying together over the Breakfast table, to correcting unhelpful behaviours and encouraging godly ones, and to model godly living before them. This is one of the jobs God has given me as their dad – to be their Timothy.


Are you ready? Have you surrounded yourself with Christian friends who are going to encourage you to be faithful in a small group. Are you encouraging others to remain faithful? Are you being Timothy to your spouse /your kids/ your friends?

Oh Jesus, may you find us ready and waiting when you come knocking on our door on the final day!



Peter Newing


3 thoughts on “Are you ready?

  1. What a powerful reading today. And thanks mamil Pete for drawing out the Timothy factor. The thing I have been thinking about with Thess is Paul taught them (101 discipleship) to live looking over their shoulder —looking for Jesus’s return. And the thing is they didn’t look over their shoulder for Jesus in fear, they looked over their shoulder in HOPE. They tell me Bruce once preached ‘Maybe today’.

  2. Thank you Peter enjoyed your post. As Christians we are not excempt from hardship or persecution but praise be to God Who gives us strength so that we can get through them. It’s a real blessing when God sends another brother / sister to encourage us. May we be obedient to when He lays another upon our heart to pick up the phone, write a note of encouragement or to lift them up in prayer.

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