From a small seed

Today’s readings are Luke13:18-30, 1Thess4:1-2

In vs 18-21 Jesus tells a parable to show his hearers what the kingdom of God is like.The mustard seed is the smallest commonly known seed of the time and yet it grows into a tree. Similarly a small amount of yeast added to 3 measures of flour (enough bread for 100 people) permeates the dough causing in a large result. The Jews expected the “kingdom” to arrive for them with obvious fanfare or supernatural or even military might.The kingdom arrives with the almost unnoticed arrival of the King Jesus. His return or second coming on the other hand will be more like many expected the first to be. It will be unexpected but BIG and HE WILL BE NOTICED.

If you, like me, started your Christian journey in the 70’s as a teenager then the message of Jesus’ imminent return was commonly spoken off. Larry Norman (early Christian rocker) penned a his famous song “Wish we’d all been ready”. It really picked up the mood of the time but the truth nonetheless – What if it’s today? and and are you ready?

Jesus then goes on to to answer the question” Will only a few be saved”? He tells them the door to the kingdom is narrow. Indeed this  door is himself. In some ways it is a small door, unexpected, the one many will walk by as they say ‘this can’t possibly be the way’.The many, expect to be saved but are told to depart and that they have no place in the kingdom.They will look on with unbearable turmoil as they are excluded and the unexpected gentiles (you and I) are in the kingdom. Makes this life seem very small!

I’ll finish with another 2 musical references, firstly from Colin Buuchanan “We’re all just passing through on the way to heaven”. As we do may we grab as many as we can because sadly they are on ” The Highway to Hell” (ACDC)



7 thoughts on “From a small seed

  1. Thanks Al, I reckon I’m gonna be singing at least one of those songs all day. If I school my mind, I might be able to confine it to Colin or Larry. If I let it drift, it might wander over to Acca Dacca 🙂

    • Wow you must be old too!If you wander over to over to Acca Dacca, you can do MUCH better than highway to hell i think. Unfortunately for the late Bonn Scott – It was his reality and eternity.shudder.

  2. Thanks Al! I’m greatly encouraged that the little mustard seeds of God’s kingdom we sew in our school scripture lessons,will grow into mighty big trees in the lives if many children.

    • Yes exactly. I think (and hope) that on that day of glory we will see some of the results of our work that up until then is hidden from us. Thanks for teaching scripture too.

  3. Thanks Al. I was “wrestling with God” whether to comment or not. As it brings Him glory I will.
    I love and rely on Gods sovereignty. God in His love for people has even ACDC in His sight. How?? By placing 2 Christians alongside Angus Young and his wife. The 2 Christians are my parents who -when Angus is in Australia – vist them in their home. They have built up a friendship over the last 22 years or so and are always ready to share Jesus and the hope we have if the door is open.
    Praise God for His redeeming love to us.

    • Thanks for your post Connie. It was wonderfull to hear of your parents. About 30 years ago I did sound for a christian hard rock band and the drummer was the original (Mike Lord) from the very early days of ACDC. He had come to Christ but still had a heroin addiction. It was kind of crazy doing youth, church gigs with a drummer that was sometimes out of it – many thought he was just rejoicing in the Lord! Today he is a happlily married man drug free working in the salvation army!

      • That’s so encouraging!! Sometimes we think that when someone comes to Christ they have to get totally cleaned up before God will use them. Shows us how important that it is to have these broken people in a loving, caring, non judgmental church family. May we be such a family.

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