Partners in mission

I often hear of how we are brothers and sisters in Christ, but in today’s reading from 1 Timothy 1:1-2, Paul refers to Timothy as his “true son in the faith”.

This is is clearly a reference to Timothy coming to faith through Paul’s evangelistic efforts. What an amazing thing it is to be a parent of a child. Seeing them being born is an unforgettable experience. Watching them grow fills us with awe and expectation. Sending them off on their own is nerve wracking.

Timothy is often refers to as “young” and whilst this may be a reference to his faith, it seems more likely a reference to his age given Paul’s later encouragement to let no one look down on him. Paul has the highest regard for Timothy and yet still treats him as his young son.

As as we journey through 1 Timothy, might we have a new regard for those who are young yet command respect. May we never forget to encourage them as a parent. And as we reflect the other way, may God continue to give us great boldness even though we may feel young or inexperienced.

As we head into mission week I am regularly thinking about Paul and Timothy’s mission endeavours. May God give us great spiritual fathers and mothers to guide and direct us, especially as we go door knocking or engage in the community. May God also give birth to new spiritual children through our endeavours as spiritual parents. Like parents who are hoping for a child, may we also have that hope that God would grant us spiritual children this week.


One thought on “Partners in mission

  1. Thank you Lachlan. I am reminded as to how precious children are to God. And spiritual children are extremely precious to Him. Spiritual children thrive in an environment where there is unconditional love. Where there is respect and honour. Where hearts are united as one with no arguing and disharmony.
    May we be such a loving place towards those who God will lead to FAC.

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