Mr Incredibles?

Today’s Reading is Gen 3:1-15 and 1 Tim 5:17-25.

A new day is about to start, I wonder what does God have in store for us to read and reflect on today? Let me have a look, “The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honour, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.” (1 Tim 5:17).

So the focus today is on ensuring that those who are placed over a congregation, those who have been set aside for preaching and teaching are to paid, but not only paid but they could even be considered worthy of double pay. As a pastor of course I could write at great length about why my work is so important and worth such a salary. But let me not get carried away. But just in case you are wondering I am well paid, provided with a house, there is provision for my family, assistance with transport and on the list goes. Thank you Jesus thank you Figtree. I don’t receive a salary I receive a stipend. What is the difference you ask? A salary is paid for work done, a stipend is given so that you can actually do the work of God.

Yes all workers deserves the right wage (v18). Paul goes on to speak to Timothy about the reality that there is more involved than just adequate financial provision. This is where the writer of this blog starts to go week at the knees.

There has to be high standards or moral integrity for all those placed over congregations to lead and shepherd God’s people. If there has been any moral failure, then care must be taken with any accusations. Public rebuke should only happen if there has been several failed private attempts. We need to keep this in mind at all times.

Paul adds to this by being direct with Timothy and advising him not to show partiality. Maybe this was an issue for Timothy. Maybe it is an issue for us? Let us be honest we can all get caught up showing favouritism to others. Maybe these words today have special meaning for some reading this blog!

Last night many us were part of a ceremony where we saw the laying on of hands of 3 men. It is a weighty business. The promises they made are heavy, the commitment to live a Godly life are challenging, as is the call to honour those over them in the Lord. None of this can be achieved with human strength. Paul even adds that they should avoid sharing in the sins of others (v22). To each of those promises comes the commitment that they will do all they have been called to do, with the Lord being their helper. To that we can all say a hearty amen.

The challenge for us to keep in mind is that not only must the person who is having hands laid on them be pure, but so also must those who are doing the laying on of hands. A tough call by any stretch of the imagination.

Finally, spare a thought for those who work over you. Be gracious to them, seek to encourage them, as they seek to encourage you and remember always why they are called to wear dog collars. It is because they have as many fleas as the next person.

Pastor Barney

One thought on “Mr Incredibles?

  1. Thanks Ian. I love the comment about “dog collars’. This is an area that we can certainly do with some maturing. I often wonder what FAC would look like if those who complain about or favor one leader over another would instead pray for all our leaders. Instead of grumbling, to take it to the Lord in prayer. I think there would be an enormous change. Maybe then a Barnabas spirit – a spirit of encouragement – would fall upon our leaders to keep doing what God has called them to do. To pray that they would hear clearly from God the direction that God wants to take FAC. That they would live lives that were above reproach. That their motives would be pure and fear God more than man. Much more valuable to pray for them than grumble and murmur. And for those who may have been on the receiving end of complaining from another brother / sister in Christ encourage the person “sharing ” to pray then and there together regarding the matter and leave it at the cross.

    I always think of Miriam and Aaron when they murmured because they were jealous against Moses a leader who God had appointed. God punished Miriam swiftly because she started it.
    One day we will be held accountable for every careless word spoken. Matthew 12:36-37

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