God leading, we are His ambassadors

Today’s (We 30/04/2014) FDR is from 2 Samuel 9 and Philemon.

Have you been following this blog since last Saturday? I hope so because I see an encouraging pattern emerging and I trust you will see it too. A pattern that today has two examples of God acting through His believers and their relationships. (Although we might see David, in 2 Samuel 9, and Paul, in Philemon, as biblical giants and senior saints the behaviours they have exhibited are for us also.) But I move too quickly forward.

Last Saturday 26th, in 2 Samuel, as well as reading about David we also saw the death of Uzzah when he tried to stop the Ark from being damaged and Michal and her change of place as she held onto some resentment. Titus 3: 1 & 2 provided us with some instructions about how to live as Christians in our community.

Then on Monday 28th, we read of God’s response to David’s request to make a house for Him in Jerusalem as the centre of His world. Here is the beginning of the promise that a kingdom for all will be established by God and the Messiah will be sent to establish it here on earth. Again, as with Saturday’s reading, there is a relationship response by David, who being so keen and devoted to God, sees not the disappointment of his idea not being taken up but the wisdom of God’s now stated intention and responds in worship.

Moving on to Tuesday 29th, we are reminded that David pursued God’s peace, maintained a strong focus on God’s place on earth and he did what was right and just. Most would see him as an excellent king or leader.

At some stage, as you read this blog you will have recalled some of David’s sin against God. His adultery and the murder, by his direction of her husband, so he could marry his adulterous partner. Not that I’m suggesting that you should measure mine or your sin and our own good deeds to see how we compare. Not at all.

Whats on show here is not about me or you but about our God who, although entitled to judge each of us severely, sent His Son to die for us that we might be sinless in God’s eyes.

So to today’s readings and two men, our brothers in faith across time, who show us two examples of Godly or Christ-like behaviour in relation to others. David reinstates Mephibosheth and so in essense does Paul for Onesimus. Although for differing reasons both David and Paul live their lives before their community in Christ-like behaviour. Behaviour that comes from studying God’s word and seeking to understand God and what He wants for us, that is, God’s will for us.

The writer on Saturday reminded us in his closing paragraph, that this Christ-like behaviour often provides opportunity for verbal discussion about God and what it means to accept Jesus into our lives as Lord and Saviour.

While I wouldn’t wish the role of David or Paul on anybody. Such things are God’s choosing and direction for each of us. We do have numeruos opportunities in our daily life to demonstrate quietly and clearly that we are Christians and are working at living our lives thoughtfully and carefully before God. This too is a place for us to be leaders. Not only in the up the front on the stage type of leadership, although for some that is their given role. But in daily situations, among family, friends, work colleagues, and our brothers and sisters, where we can influence those around us by how we act and speak.

So to close, can I encourage you to continue your very important journey with our God, and leave you with these couple of lines from a hymn that reminds me of what I am about:

May the mind of Christ my Savior
Live in me from day to day,
By His love and pow’r controlling
All I do and say.

Source: http://www.hymnal.net/en/hymn/h/401#ixzz30HnW4PgI
The whole 6 verses can be found here

Of course there is a Youtube version:
May the mind of Christ my Saviour


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