Reasons to worship

2 Samuel 22. Hebrews 9.

Column 8, SMH, last weekend, published a reader’s invitation; “Does anyone have a (printable) term for those who accept there may well be a god, but in view of His/ Her / Its apparent disregard for humanity, sees no reason for worshiping such?”

We live among friends and work colleagues who see no evidence of God’s regard for us. The question may seem  arrogant, but that has been man’s character since the Fall when dealing with God. Man, who is ‘pitifully ( feed me three times a day, keep me breathing, beat my heart once a second, don’t let me stay underwater for too long, don’t let me get hot, don’t let me get cold) dependent’, passes judgement on God!  Believers in genetic lottery may lose faith in the accidental nature of chance existence and the chance morals and thought processes that result. To accept there may be a god could offer comfort from  stark conclusions. On what basis is a judgement made that man may  need to be regarded by a god, unless from a perception there is something wrong and we need help. How does chaos make such conclusion?

Reading today’s passages provide ample evidence for God and his regard for us.

David is worshiping the LORD in song (also Psalm 18), for deliverance from Saul and all his enemies.God acted. David speaks from experience when he calls God his rock, fortress and deliverer, his saviour (v2,3). David has taken refuge v3, and called  to God v4, expressions of a relationship of love and trust v7. God listened and responded, intervening in events v10. David is aware of God’s majesty and power v8-16, which makes the personal care of v17, humbling.

David’s expression of his own righteousness v21-25 likely reflects his desire to be identified with God’s people,as opposed to His enemies, rather than being spotless, as later events reveal.

David acknowledges God as the source of his direction and light v29 as well as strength v30,33,35. In fact, David praised God that He ‘stooped down to make me great’ v36.

David knew  God had anointed him to lead the people in victory over their enemies v44,48 who were beaten as fine as dust v43. David clearly senses the  Lord’s high regard for him, and involvement in human affairs, with promises to continue; ‘He gives his king great victories; he shows unfailing kindness to his anointed, to David and his descendants forever’. v51

Read Hebrews 9 to be overwhelmed with reasons to worship, and see in what regard God holds us…

Peter and Elizabeth reminded us yesterday that the new covenant was always on God’s mind, even back in David’s time. While David was not allowed to build the Temple because of the blood on his hands, the Temple with its constant sacrifices, was awash  with blood. Animals sacrificed yearly, lunar monthly, weekly and daily, morning and evening. Blood. Always blood. Our sin, that defiant stand against God, is not shown disregard by God. It must be paid for. By blood. The amazing thing is that Christ – spotless, God -became man and sacrificed himself. He gave His own blood v14,15, to save us. He is our High Priest before God. He appeared once for all, to do away with sin by the sacrifice of himself v26.

History records these events. We could have seen God bleed and die, and then rise. Evidence. May we see lots of reasons to worship our God today with hearts of love.




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  1. Thanks Philip, unfortunately it confounds some that the God whom we know and worship is not malleable to our own or their own needs. Yes accepting Christ, God’s own Son, into our lives is counter intuitive to our sinful and controlling nature. A nature that we too can return to if we don’t keep the faith. Ephesians 6 :10- 12 reminds us of our own need to act as the soldiers of Christ.

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