Crying out

Psalm 28

This Psalm is a cry to the Lord. A cry expressing sorrow. A cry directly to the Lord, who is both ready to hear and able to help. While sorrow may not be walking with you this day, there will indeed come a day, or many. While at these times we might instinctively cry to ourselves, or to others for support and relief, David urges us to direct our appeals at once to our saving God. He argues, if we didn’t have a God who answers our prayers, we would be more pitiable than the dead!

Certainly, amid our anxieties and doubts we may ask “does God hear me?’  If He didn’t, David reasons, we would just like the ‘wicked’ be swept away. But, praise God He does hear our cry. We are His, He is our Rock, and it is not in His nature to let go of His children, His possession.

He will not leave us. In fact if God seems silent, we should cry out the more. When He seems to close His ear, we mustn’t close our mouths.

God’s provision brings strength, shielding, trust, real help, thankfulness, and joy. What  blessings  these are to our hearts, blessings that we are all promised. Have a great regard for these and other works of the Lord. Praise and thank Him for these in your life  this morning.

King David finally lifts his eyes up to his people and prays for them too. A good antidote to self focused spirituality.

Hasn’t it been a great encouragement this week to read the Blogs of our Fiji EE team? These young guys are out there doing the heavy lifting for our team, as they step out and share their faith with the lost, a stepping out we often retreat from. What also inspires me, even more than their enthusiasm, is their reliance on God, through prayer, and dependence on His Spirit to work in them. They are crying out to God, and experiencing for themselves  that He is indeed their Rock, their Shepherd carrying them.