Who speaks For God? – We do!

Today’s Readings are 1 Chronicles 11 and Jude 1:17-23.

As I read the words from Jude, they are like soul food. Jude is urging the faithful believers to reach out to others. Specifically to three different groups.

This resonates well with me. Tomorrow I will conduct a funeral for my family. Most are skeptical while many others are well-known for their doubts which have been expressed over many years.

Firstly, to those who doubt (22). Jude calls believers to “be merciful” to them. A good reminder as I know I have received mercy from our great God. I know that our Lord Jesus who intercedes for me is a merciful saviour.

Secondly, to reach out to others who have been led down the wrong path by the influence and false teaching of others. Powerfully we are called to “snatch” them from the fire in order to save them. It will be important to mix mercy with fear which is highlighted by the third point. We should never walk away from the hard challenge of speaking about the reality of life and death. My experience to date is that done well, you both honour God and allow others to see his mercy and grace in its fullness.

Finally, “show mercy, mixed with fear”. I sense that Jude wants the believers to pray for the false teachers as well as the members who have been influenced by them. Believers should always be concerned of the influence of false teachers, while at the same time being loving. As I type this I am reminded often of the challenge of being a Christian.

False teachers are still around today. When people get caught up in their influence we are to call them back to the truth of the bible. What matters is how we do that.

Tomorrow will be here soon enough. To all I say keep yourselves in God’s love as we await for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. And as we wait, let us continue to be devoted to our own spiritual growth.


One thought on “Who speaks For God? – We do!

  1. Thank you Ian. Our calling means we are to hate the sin, but love the sinner. I wonder how well we do this towards those who are practicing homosexuals? To those who are alcoholics? To those who don’t get to make it to our building on a Sunday morning?
    Doing church is not sitting in a building on a Sunday. Doing church is doing life together through intentional relationships, with both believers and non believers, where you share each others burdens, struggles, keeping one another encouraged with running the race set before us, with a desire to reach others with the message of Christ – mission.
    A simple definition of praying in the Spirit is that our prayers are both moved and guided by the Holy Spirit – it does not mean praying in tongues. Praying in the Spirit will allow us to pray for the things that are on Gods heart. Like whats happening in the Middle East. We are in the last days.

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