Pray First, Plan Afterwards

Psalm 31

David, the author of this psalm had many troubles which made him, in Matthew Henry’s words, David’s troubles made him a man of sorrows” He has faith and confidence that his Lord, our Lord, will rescue him, not because of any of David’s characteristics, but because of who God is.

The Message translation of Psalm 31 is lovely to read. I recommend it. I also enjoy writing my prayers. I have written some thoughts based on this psalm.

Always dear Lord, you give me refuge,
When I call upon your name
Be my rock, my strong fortress
Never let me be put to shame

Your face is my focus as I walk through life
Keep me safe and guide my path
Be my rock, my strong fortress
Keep me close, is one thing I ask

Into your hands I commit my spirit
Deliver me, my faithful God
You are my rock, my strong fortress
I will rejoice in you and be glad

You see the anguish of my soul
When times are hard and I feel low
Let your face shine on me
And lift me up, so all can see
How faithful you are to those you love
Who bow before your holy throne
And freely call upon your name

Let others see my love
Expressed in all I say and do
You are my rock, my strong fortress
I will be strong, take heart
And place all my hope in You


2 thoughts on “Pray First, Plan Afterwards

  1. Thank you Iris. I love the fact that as Gods children we can pour out our heart to Him. We can just be ourselves because God knows us intimately as Ian preached this morning.
    What a great service at 10 this morning!! Wonderful praise songs, worshiping together and such a powerful message coming from Psalm 139. There was a real “buzz” as we fellow shipped with one another with many saying that they feel a shift in the atmosphere – we sung that God would change the atmosphere in our second song!! God is answering our prayer!! God is a God of new beginnings. He is also the God of the “suddenly” may we encounter God each and every day as we head into another week.

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