Psalm 32

Psalm 32
Forgiveness, Sin, Suffering, and Guidance

In my opinion the Psalms are not so much parts of Scripture for exposition as they are primarily vehicles for private and corporate devotions; for reciting, singing, chanting and praying.
The tradition of metrical psalms was a feature of Reformation Churches where they were translated especially with the object in mind of them being sung in congregation worship.
The Anglican Church in its Book of Common (that is Public Congregational) Prayer maintains the tradition of the regular use of the Psalms in corporate worship. They have been read, sung or chanted by the congregation. They are arranged so that by daily use they can all be covered once a month.
The Psalms are the Prayer Book of the Bible and it is something greatly to be regretted that in the contemporary worship of many churches their regular congregational use has disappeared.
In the light of the above my suggestion for you as a FDR reader is to read Psalm 32 aloud to yourself and use it as a basis for quiet reflection and prayer on the thoughts that emerge. Read it more than once till you feel its rhythms running in your heart.
Meditate upon its references to sin and forgiveness, to sin and suffering, to the feeling of being overwhelmed and where shelter is to be found, to guidance, to trust and to joy.
Be refreshed the Psalm as God meant you to be strengthened.


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  1. Thank you Harry. May the wonderful truths of this Psalm wash over us as we enter His courts this morning. May we encounter His presence today.

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