A God worth loving

Psalm 33

Due entirely to my own bad planning, I’m writing this at midnight. My mind is blank as I read this psalm. There is not a thought in my head.

But reading the psalm, I feel something – a wholesomeness that is certainly nothing to do with my own spiritual state.  There is something appealing about the deity presented in this psalm.

What sort of god is this “Lord”? In v4-5, these are the words used to describe him: right, true, faithful, righteous, just, love.

This is a God to love.

That is the feeling that comes from the whole psalm. This God is:

  • Creator (v6-9)
  • Ruler (v10-11)
  • Observer (v13-15)
  • Saviour (v16-19)
  • Trusted (v20-23)

I’m sure there are many wonderful truths that can be drawn from this psalm. But right now, my mind is blank, but my heart is strangely warmed. This is a God we can love.

In him our hearts rejoice for we trust in his holy name


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