A Vision of Heaven


2 Chronicles 7:1-10

Revelation 21-22:5

Today’s readings are a powerful reminder of what the Christian looks forward to and a testament to God’s mighty hand as he brings his purpose to its conclusion. Pray today that he will open your heart and mind to his transforming message and truth.

The Chronicles reading describes Solomon’s inauguration of the temple. The appearing of God’s glory is confirmation that Solomon’s plans had been carried out as God intended them to be. The fire is something more, the temple was now being used as God himself intended, ie an encounter between himself and his people by way of Solomon’s prayer. It is a public sign for all Israel to experience and remember in contrast to the private answer God was about to give Solomon himself (v12-22). Verse 3 indicates that He was now above as well as in the temple so that everyone could see.

Note also in verse 10 that David and his son Solomon are bracketed as equal partners in God’s plan.

In the Revelation excerpt we read of God’s dealings with humanity reaching a climax in this passage. God and his people dwell together in perfect fellowship. The purpose is to strengthen the faith, hope and resolution of the church as it faces it’s ultimate trial.

The new creation, begun in Christ’s resurrection is to be experienced by all believers in the present (2 Cor 5:17). Heaven has come to earth in the kingdom of God!

From now on the dwelling of God is to be with men. They (we) will live in his presence. All things will find fulfilment in Him because he is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. None shall be thirsty either because the eternal spring will refresh.

The reminder that those who are immoral will find themselves consigned to a fiery lake of burning sulphur comes as a powerful stop in the midst of the surrounding verses.

The description of the city, shining like a brilliant jewel is breathtaking. The dimensions etc should be read not so much an exact description but more an infinite multiple of twelve. John may be saying that the city reaches from earth to heaven and so unites them.

The fact that there is no temple is a vivid reminder that The Lord and the Lamb will be in our midst.

The curse pronounced upon the original paradise is reversed. The goal of redeemed humanity is stated, ‘They will see his face’. Such a vision will involve the transformation into the same likeness.

These are wondrous words that ought to give us such encouragement and comfort. Pray that as you read them He will allow them to dwell in your heart.


One thought on “A Vision of Heaven

  1. May the Holy Spirit stir our hearts to share this hope with others. Where there will be no more pain, or sorrow and death. Each person on this earth is loved by God and each person is made in Gods image. May we see the brokenness around us and introduce Jesus into it. May the immoral turn to Jesus for, if not by the grace of God there go I.

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