God’s people and not God’s people

Today’s (Su 31/08/2014) FDR is Psalm 36.

David picks up subjects that a probably close to our hearts.  Lets look at whats here for me and I’m sure you will see some other facets.

The first four verses speak of David’s perceptions of those who are evil and how they plan and scheme to do evil. But some not recognising it for what it is.  Perhaps as you think on this your mind turns to news of sieges and slaughter in other places.  Places that are safely far away from us. But we know that evil was as close to David as in his own house, or across the way in another place.  So too for us, evil and people who do it are close to us.  We need not neglect that which is on our own door step.

When you look around the Illawarra can you and I too see the evil that is here with us?  Perhaps some examples might get you thinking where I am:  Such things as religions, practices and ways of life that deflect our possible brothers and sisters from a full knowledge of God.  Family, friends and neighbours living a life with alcohol. Living with drugs.  Living with greed.  Living with physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Living outside of knowing the one true God.  Some ignoring Him.

Then David  turns to the character of God in verses 5 to 9  and writes about how great He is and how His people seek shelter with Him and turn to Him for support and life.  Characteristics of love, faithfulness, righteousness, justice and preservation are listed with descriptors.  With God a place of feasting and drinking. Of the fountain of life and of light.   All this in a place of priceless love and refuge.

As the psalm closes David turns to prayer to ask for continued love and righteousness to those who know God.  He also asks for protection from the proud and the wicked.

Finally he points to the fate of the wicked, fallen and unable to rise!

So today as you think much closer to home and those around us we will pray deliberately for those who are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Also for those we know who are not in fellowship with Christ.  Perhaps this is your Just One person who you are seeking to come to know Christ.  Perhaps from an older program  there are four people on your prayer card whom you seek to have know Christ in their hearts