Matthew 12:13

2 Chronicles 21, Matt 11:25-12:14

 Matthew 12:13  (New International Version)

 13 Then he said to the man, ‘Stretch out your hand.’ So he stretched it out and it was completely restored, just as sound as the other.

Jesus says to the man with a shrivelled hand, ‘Stretch out your hand’. He is telling the man to do the exact thing we know that the man cannot do. The only information we are given about this man is that his hand is shrivelled. This is how the character is introduced into the story – no name, no connections, no background – simply defined by his shrivelled hand. This is all we need to know.

Jesus says to the man with a shrivelled hand, ‘Stretch out your hand’. And the man does it. At Jesus’ word, the man does the very thing he could not do. And in doing so the man is healed.

Perhaps again today – for healing, or to spur generosity, or fellowship – Jesus says, “Stretch out your hand”.



One thought on “Matthew 12:13

  1. Thank you Helen and Roger. As i hear Jesus’ words i ask my heart what is it that He is asking me to do that in my own strength I just cannot do. My hand is not withered but what part of me needs His healing touch? What area of my life do I need more of Him and less of me? Sometimes I may think that I cannot forgive but Jesus said that I am to forgive. Sometimes I find it hard to love people but Jesus tells me to love in action not only in word. Sometimes I can just find excuses to not live as Jesus commands me to live. So then rather than make excuses i need to use the Nike logo of:
    If my heart is willing He will give me the grace to carry it out.

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