Not ashamed of the Gospel

This morning I has the great honour of meeting up with a lady in an IRT village. I have been meeting up with her every few weeks for the last 6 months to hear her story, to read the bible and pray with her. Initially she was quite anxious about what the future held for her as her aging body and mind began to  fail her. But what hasn’t failed her is her memory of the scriptures. From a child she had been learning the bible, especially during her time at Mt.Kembla memorial church. I found that I just needed to begin saying a bible verse and she would finish it off for me. She would regularly say “Jesus has always been my friend”. Each time I visit her I notice how she smiles and the anxiety lessens whenever we talk about what Jesus has done for her. Her love for Jesus is clear.

She is not ashamed of the gospel. She delights in it

In our reading from Romans 1 today we are reminded that we too are not to be ashamed

For I am not ashamed of the Gospel for it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes. (Romans 1:16)

But this morning she wasn’t anxious about her own salvation, she was anxious about the salvation of her own family. “How do I make sure they will be saved?” She asked. I replied that they need to accept Jesus as their saviour. She continued, “but how do I tell them about Jesus without offending them?”

It was then that I realised that all the stories she had told me about her relationship with Jesus were the stories that her family needed to hear, for in those stories was the the message of the gospel, the salvation for those who believe. So I simply replied to her, “tell them the story of your relationship with Jesus.”

Dear Jesus, give me such an assurance of my own salvation that I can unashamedly tell the story of my relationship with you such that others may hear what you have done and be saved. 





2 thoughts on “Not ashamed of the Gospel

  1. Thanks Lachlan, It seems so simply, doesn’t it? I know we must, although we may not see the fruit of this story telling to our own family and sometimes feeling that it has fallen on deaf ears, I truly believe that it will all come back to them at their appointed time (God’s timing is perfect). We mustn’t give up we are urged by Paul often. What a wonderful book Romans is.

  2. Thank you Lachlan. Our Life Group this week has decided to start to memorize scripture together. We all have such an amazing access to Gods Word, like never before in history. Not only our Bibles- in book form- but we have Gods Word on our smart phones, computers, tablets. But there is no better place to have Gods Word than in your heart. I can’t always reach for the Word when I’m driving. Or when I’m shopping or lots of other activities for that matter. But when we have Gods Word stored in our heart just like Jesus did -Luke 4- we can be prepared as Jesus was when Satan came against Him. Our first verse to memorize is Romans 12:2. A life verse for every believer because as our minds are transformed by Gods Word EVERYTHING changes. Our greatest battle is for the mind but God has a plan. May we be a church that thirsts for Gods Word and then puts it into practice.

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