Poor me, I am rubbish ?What . . .

Today’s FDR (Su 21/09/2014) is Psalm 39

On a quick reading of Psalm 39 we can close our bibles and wonder what we are doing as christians and searchers and why we bother.

But this is only one psalm in 150.  One perspective in 150 or many more if we include all of the chapters in the bible.  One facet of life with our one and only true God.

Yes each one of us finds ourselves in places were or when  we see ourselves as unworthy.  Perhaps even wanting not to be seen by God in our trouble or despair.  So the writer of this psalm even suggests that God should not look on them in anger in the last verse.

But a more close reading  reveals a three part psalm.  The first being troubled when quiet and unspeaking before the writer’s enemies, the wicked.   The second, having become anxious in the face of the wicked and being troubled about the short time of this life. Yet also relying on God   The third in calling on God to seek His blessing and seeking His averting His face from the writer’s sin. (That is not judging but giving mercy.)

So this psalm provides you and I with a recipe for our anxieties. A shield for the devices of the evil one who loves us to become so self focussed that we are anxious about things in our lives, including ourselves, that we loose focus on why we are here and what God’s individual purpose is for us.

The events of this year on the world stage can be troubling, but Revelation reminds us of the difficulties we will see and possibly experience as God’s people.  So too the disclosure of the Islamic State’s alleged plan to incite a few Australian residents to capture and behead an Australian person is very disturbing.

Yet we have many assurances of God’s supremacy in all we face and as we worship each Sunday we leave under the promise or blessing of God’s protection as we go back into the world to live our lives confident in Him and sheltered under His protection.