God’s Riches at Christ’s Expense

Posted By Al McEwan for Iris Costello

Today’s readings are 2Chron 29 and Rom5:1-5

As we write this we are cruising through Kruger National Park travelling at the 50 km speed limit. We are passing grazing kudu, herds of zebra, elephant drinking from the river with their calves, vultures perched patiently in trees. We are now stopped as many huge, black buffalo cross the road in front of us, a long, dusty cloud hovering above them as they slowly wend their way to the waterhole. We are particularly keen to see another lion or another cheetah stalking some unsuspecting prey. During our time here we have marvelled every day at God’s beautiful creation and how everything has been created for a specific purpose.

The Shangaan people we have met here in Africa have been very welcoming, magnanimous and warm. We have learned how to say hello and thank you and that has allowed us to break down barriers and experience their friendly, wide smiles. A taste of heaven……

We know that we have all been created for a purpose too. Our purpose is to worship God and bring him glory. The scripture verses in Romans 5 remind us that we experience God’s grace through our relationship with Jesus. No longer is the physical temple being renovated, like Hezekiah was tasked to do, but rather God renovates our hearts as we surrender to Him.

Such is the grace we are privileged to experience and receive as a gift. A gift available to everyone, black or white, no favour shown. How then are we to show God’s grace to others?

We have experienced the Freedom Museum in Johannesburg which clearly demonstrated the sadness of Apartheid over so many years. Mandela was the spokesperson for the African people and enabled them to gain their freedom. We have Jesus, our Saviour, who brought us freedom through his death and resurrection.

Hezekiah renovated the temple. Through faith in Jesus our heart is renovated

Nkosi Sikele – God Bless Africa

Dee and Keith Grala and Rob and Iris Costello