Cultural or crucial?

Esther 4; 1 Corinthians 11:1-16

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A simple question to ponder regarding 1 Corinthians 11:1-16

Is head covering and hair length a cultural thing or a crucial thing?


3 thoughts on “Cultural or crucial?

  1. Thank you Lachlan. The heading in my Bible for this passage is Proper Worship. In the context we have to remember that there were two different cultures meeting together in a church service. The clash of two different cultures Greek and Jewish was something that Paul wanted to address. Jewish women always covered their heads in worship. For a Jewish woman to uncover her head in public was a sign of loose morals. Greek woman however were probably used to having their hair uncovered in worship. Paul told the women who were not wearing head coverings to wear them not because it was a scriptural command because it kept the congregation from dividing over a petty issue that served only to take peoples mind off Christ (Life Application Bible).
    What about the church today what petty issues raise their ugly heads and causes divisions amongst Gods children.
    1.Worship music too loud – solution – bring earplugs to church – mature approach.
    2. Don’t like the ministers preaching – solution – pray for him – mature approach
    3. Cliques in the church – solution – go and talk to somebody that you don’t know – mature approach

    Church divisions are only healed through repentance and humility. May they be one as We are One.

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