Alpha and Omega – a God of always

Today’s FDR is Psalm 48.

In this, another psalm of praise of our God we are to see God as being at our beginning and with us through the end.  Praise to God for His greatness,  Praise to God for His goodness.

But in this Psalm praise for God who has provided for His church.  His company of believers.

This is a psalm of discovery.  Of coming to know of God as head of His church and the saviour Jesus.  These words could be seen as about the earthly Jerusalem in which God chose to make His place, in ancient times.  Rather this psalm’s true essence is after Christ’s resurrection as it points to the place in which God now resides,  In and with His people.  His church.

Matthew 16:18b has this reminder of God’s care for His church in these words of Jesus.
… and I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.

Brilliant in this light is the charge of the  verses 12 and 13..  To examine all the beauty and strength of this city of God and ensure we tell those who are to follow of these great attributes we see.  To pass on the message of God.

So in the ancient words of verse 14 we respond with praise for this God. Our God.  Who goes on for ever and ever. With us.

Perhaps now is a good time to praise our God in the words of John Newton’s hymn. To join with many others of us who will worship the living God today.

“Glorious things of thee are spoken”