Satan’s Assistants?

Today’s (25/11/2014) FDR is Job 8 and 1 Corinthians 15:30-50.

Matthew Henry’s Commentary on this chapter of Job remarks that both Bildad and Eliphaz were like the calamities that beset Job in that these friends sought to drive Job from his integrity and destroy his relationship with God.  Thus assisting Satan with his efforts to have Job blame God for his troubles.

Yesterday Peter and Elizabeth noted how people travel differently through their troubles and some witness to God being present with them and help them carry their burdens.

Today, I want to look in my memory mirror for a little while.  I’d like you to join me and get out your own mental mirror or viewer.  (Its ok, you’ll be conducting your own private viewing.)

Wendy and I too have personal contact with friends and family whose lives are going through such difficulty that in some ways the level of anguish for each person can be measured on The Job Scale.  (An estimate of how their measure of pain and turmoil stands when compared next to Job’s scale of pain and turmoil.)

I’m sure you know friends and family in these circumstances and you too have experienced or are experiencing such pain and turmoil.

Today I want to focus on what we do as friends of those who are in turmoil and pain.

We can be too ready with a quick word of comment that comes out wrong.  Too ready to agree with the uninformed bystander who says something like “Why is God letting this happen?”  or “Where’s God in this?” or:”Why isn’t God doing something about this?”

Oops – there’s the time I said “You’ll be right” to a friend who’s relative had just died and walked off!

Ouch – And there’s another time when I replied to someone else’s question about “Why is God letting this happen to Joesy*?” with “I don’t know.” and I didn’t and haven’t kept in touch with Joesy.

If you will allow me to turn the ‘I’ in this blog to ‘We’ again – then I’d note that these outcomes aren’t what God intended for His church, Not how He intended His company of believers to act.  The church’s bridegroom, Jesus, gave us good concrete examples of how we are to act as brothers and sisters.  How we are to support, in prayer and by actions, those around us who are burdened by pain and turmoil.

The one that stands out for me at this moment is Jesus’ care for his mother as He hung on the cross dying.  (Recorded in John 19:26)

So it is with a deeper understanding of our bibles, through study and discussion, through prayer and preaching, and then with improving application we become more confident and more aware of those around us who are in turmoil and whom we can assist.  Whom we can walk with and support as God would have us do..

Perhaps those who we can help, and demonstrate God’s love to, are only next door or a phone call away?


*Name changed to protect the guilty writer.


3 thoughts on “Satan’s Assistants?

  1. Thank you Glenn. I think that far too often we are just too pre-occupied with ourselves. By the time we get to church we can be so distracted that we forget why we are there. When we come to church one of the questions we should be asking God is,” God use me today to be a blessing to someone else”. Then as we are directed by the Spirit we can love another person. Giving advice to someone isn’t always wise. If you haven’t been through that same situation just sit with, or hold the hurting person. Offer to follow up with a phone call later in the week, to see how they are going. Offer to comfort with the comfort that you have received in times of distress from Jesus.

    Ask not what can the church do for me, but what can I do for the church. To build up another person in the love of Christ which knows no bounds.

  2. Ouch Glenn, not your best day I guess. Thinking back on situations where we comprehensively blew it helps keep us well and truly grounded. There are lots of opportunities for us to walk with others in need as you point out.

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