He Knows His Theology but Not the Purposes of His God

He Knows His Theology but Not the Purposes of His God
Job 18

Bildad is appalled at Job’s remarks in the previous chapter. He launches into an attack which is replete with truth but with truth misapplied. He simply does not known what God is doing in the experiences through which Job is passing. It is truth misapplied. Truth misapplied comes in effect to be untruth.
God indeed teaches us truth about Himself and His purposes in the Scriptures. We are to hold to those truths, trust them, live with them and by them’. We are to make them known as dependable truth that others can also trust. What we are not privy to are the secret counsels of God and the details of his purposes for individuals and the outworking of his purposes.
Such a situation teaches us to have confidence in what God says in Scripture but humility in recognising that God is God and fulfils his purposes in his own sovereign way and time.
Books like Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Esther, and Kings and Chronicles provide evidence of God’s operation in the affairs of this world even though His Name may not be mentioned or the details of his ultimate plans disclosed.
We are called to walk by faith in God even when we cannot understand what he is doing at the present time in our life or in the lives of others who are his children.
Psalms like 10, 22, 74 and others are the prayers of those perplexed by God’s dealings with them. We can pray them in our times of confusion. Psalm 139 is a prayer reflection that any child of God can take to herself. The closing words of verses 23-24 are a doorway into a life surrendered to God’s scrutiny, saving love and mercy.

The Wonder of God’s New Covenant
2 Corinthians 3

Three major thoughts are expressed in this chapter
The first concerns Letters of Recommendation – verses 1-3. Perhaps the false apostles contended that Paul brought no such letters with him when he came to minister in Corinth. His reply is that the Corinthians are themselves a letter from Christ ministered by him and written by God’s own Spirit on their hearts.
The second is the New Covenant ministry which he and his friends exercise – verses 4-6. It is not the ministry of those who worked with the Law of Moses but a ministry of the Spirit of God who is the One supplying the competency which Paul acknowledged earlier he did not have of himself.
In verses 7-18 Paul uses Exodus 34:29-32 and 33-35 to make an additional contrast between the ministries of the Old and New Covenants. “Exodus 34:29-32 tells of the glory which attended the giving of the law, a glory reflected in the shining face of Moses, which struck fear into the hearts of the Israelites. Paul recognizes that the old covenant was accompanied by splendour, but he argues that the new covenant is accompanied by far greater splendour.”
“Exodus 34:33-35 tells how Moses veiled his face after communicating God’s law to the Israelites, so that they would not have to look upon its brightness. Paul interprets this as an attempt to conceal from the Israelites the fading nature of the splendour which accompanied the old covenant, and he contrasts Moses’ lack of boldness with the boldness he himself has as a minister of the new covenant.”
The third is his contention that the veil lies unlifted on the minds of many who were still resistant to the message concerning Jesus. However, where Christ is received and worshipped, there believers are beholding the glory of the Lord and are being changed into his likeness by God’s Spirit.
Let us gaze long and meditatively on the Lord Jesus in whom God reveals his glory. Let us earnestly pray for the Spirit of God to advance the process in each of us of being changed more and more into his likeness. The promise embedded in these closing words is to be prayerfully claimed so we might advance from one degree of glory to another in our daily life for God.


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  1. Thank you Harry. I believe that if every Christian in the Illawarra would pray sincerely those last 2 verses of Psalm 139 revival would break out!!

    At 12pm today there is an inter-demonitional prayer meeting for the City of Wollongong at the WIN Entertainment Centre Grand Stadium Entrance. Who knows the Spirit may move some FAC members to be there too!!

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