Treasure in Jars of Clay

1 Corinthians 4; Job 19

What was God thinking???

Why would he hand over the most precious thing of all to us fallible, sinful, fragile and even broken human beings? If it really is that precious you’d think he’d take better care of it! Why entrust it to us?

Because that is the message of the gospel. We don’t deserve it. We can’t lock it away in a steel box. We cant make it any more beautiful by wrapping it in something pretty. In fact the more broken, dirty and useless the pot becomes, the more precious the gospel that it holds becomes. The precious beautiful treasure in the pot both reveals how wretched the pot is, and yet how precious the pot is that it should hold such a treasure. Perhaps this was Job’s failing as he looked at the tragedy of his life, and failed to see the grace of God.

Sometimes I feel broken. Sometimes I feel useless and unable to do what I think I was made to do. Sometimes all I see is a broken pot. The danger then is I focus on the pot and not the precious treasure that it holds. My worth must not be measured on the value or ability of the pot, but on the treasure that has been entrusted to it. May God enrich us with such Grace that we know the all surpassing power is from God and not from us!