What kind of work do you do?

Job 22  2 Cor 6:1-18

In  his third conversation with Job, Eliphaz poses the question, “Can man be of benefit to God?” His  reasoning runs: God is indifferent to man, and any giving by man back to God, but God is stirred rather by our evil. Eliphaz reprimands Job for apparently neglecting the needy  (v 6,7,9), pronouncing Job wicked (v15) and calling him to repent.

Sometimes we may feel we are of little use to God; with our fears, frailties and failures.

Paul, in 2 Cor 6, insists we can be of use to God. That’s amazing to ponder. God, the majestic, King of Kings has  a job for you and I.

As Glenn reflected yesterday, we all have been given the ministry of reconciliation. God is in the business of reconciliation; of us to himself through Christ, and through us to those who aren’t yet reconciled, by spreading this message – as though God was making His appeal through us (2 Cor 5:20).

Paul describes himself and us  therefore as God’s fellow workers (6 v 1). Our work is not primarily to be good people, because through Christ we  become the righteousness of God (5 v 21). Our work is to join God in drawing people to Christ. Throughout the bible we are taught  God requires the work of man – he won’t help those who do nothing – to build arks, Temples, and churches. The spreading of this message of reconciliation that God has ordained, will not happen in the world by sudden miracle, but by faithful human labour. So no matter if you are unemployed, retired, workaholic, or happy employee, you are God’s fellow worker today, ( and tomorrow…) Wow. God’s fellow worker. Great job status, and satisfaction. Are we faithful or lazy workers? Are we praying to our Father for our friends, family and contact who need to be reconciled? Are we seeking the strength and words and opportunities He provides? Are we persevering? Are we talking about our job, and how it’s going, with our church family?

It is a wonderful privilege and obligation to be God’s fellow worker. Paul urges his readers not to receive God’s grace in vain. Living for oneself (5 v 15) – one’s comfort, one’s success, and not living for Jesus can cause  his grace to be wasted! Paul outlines hardships he endured in fulfilling his ministry of reconciliation. He wasn’t put off by hard work. Pray we won’t be.


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  1. Thank you Philip. One of the things that I enjoy the most is coming alongside somebody who because of bad choices or unfortunate circumstances or even through no fault of their own is far from God. At this time of year there are an awful lot of broken people around us- even right under our nose sometimes. May we be obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and each do our own part in bringing those who have wandered off back into the arms of their Father.

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