The Lord reigns

Psalm 99 is today’s reading

It’s good to remember and state that the Lord indeed reigns as this Psalm emphasises. We can get swept up in the headlines of bad news or commentary from the world which would declare that the Lord does not reign and has trouble keeping a handle on things.

Here He is the mighty king who is over all nations who should be shown honour and fear.Even his name is to be praised. I think those classic verses in Philippians 2:9-11 are the ultimate fulfillment of this when all will bow before king Jesus.

The Lord is both just and merciful. He demonstrates his character  through heroes of Israels history. They did what was right (well most of the time!). Accordingly the lord heard them when they called upon Him.

From vs8 I take great comfort where the Lord forgives. Indeed He is to be exalted and worshiped.


One thought on “The Lord reigns

  1. Thanks Al. Quite a while ago (in the 80’s!)we used to sing verse 5 as a chorus. It was a beautiful reminder that we can come close to our King ‘at His footstool ‘ .

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