To God Be The Power

1 Peter 5:8-11

It is almost the end of another year. How quickly the time has passed again. I often hear, “Where has the year gone?” It is almost time for the cringeworthy question, “What are your New Year resolutions? The stats for 2012 suggested that only 8% of people achieve their new plans. The statistics also mentioned that people who shared their plans with others, making themselves accountable, had a much higher chance of success.

As I read these few verses, I was reminded of powerful battles raging all around me and within me. It is not a pleasant thought to remember that Satan is prowling “like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” It is an internal battle for us all to resist him and stand firm against those things that tempt us most. And those New Year resolutions, how are often are they related to our internal battles I wonder. A comforting thought was in James’ FDR post last week when he reminded us from I Cor 10:13 God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. Thank you Lord!

Another doxology, which ends this book, reminds us that our God of grace, our God who has chosen us to be with him for all eternity, will allow us to be tempted, and allow us to suffer for a little while as he polishes us, mends us, re-focuses us, so that we are stronger, firmer and more steadfast in him.

How do I respond to that promise from the Lord of the universe?

At this time of the year, my response sounds like a New Year resolution! I pray that my daily focus will be on my Heavenly Father and his will for my life. To help my focus, I pray that I will start each day with prayer and reading his word so that, in His power, I can become stronger, firmer and more steadfast in my walk with Him and then, an encouragement to those around me.

Feel free to keep me accountable throughout the year to help me beat the stats.



3 thoughts on “To God Be The Power

  1. Thanks Iris! Your walk with God and your work in the FAC community is a massive encouragement to me! x

  2. Thank you Iris. I remember when on safari in Africa’ Masi Mara we would watch the lions stalk their prey. They went for the weak, the vulnerable and the animal that was alone not alert without the protection of the herd. Christians are no different. When we are out of fellowship or suffering and focusing on our troubles and are feeling alone its important to connect with other Christians. Being a Christian is not being a lone ranger. James 4:7 ties in beautifully,” Submit to God resist the Devil and he will flee”.

    We must be alert and aware of areas that we are vulnerable to Satan’ attacks. Through Jesus power we can overcome our Enemy. Satan is chained to the cross. Do you know how to do spiritual warfare?? Or does the enemy get you every time? May 2015 be the year when believers be better aware of Satan’ schemes and defeat him by Jesus power.

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