With all my heart

I have many great memories of long car trips when our kids were young singing out with Colin Buchanan as he taught us scripture through his songs playing through the car stereo. Proverbs 3:5&6 is one of Colin’s catchy tunes.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

To trust in God in our heart is to be completely dependent on him. Like a small baby who has no knowledge nor understanding who relies completely upon his/her parents for everything. As we grow up we become independent. We learn to look after ourselves, care for ourselves, becoming less and less reliant on others. The danger with growing up is that we also tend to become independent of our Heavenly Father. Like a teenager we think we have matured enough to think that we know best. Our understanding seems to override our dependence on God.

But this does not mean that we check our brains at the door. Quite the contrary, we are to use our understanding to ensure that in all our ways we acknowledge God.

I’ve just been in a CMS summer school session and heard how everyday people are being witnesses. A common theme that was present in each of the 5 people’s story was that while their mind said it was a futile exercise to be a witness for Christ, their hearts continued to trust in the Lord that he would open a conversation and that he would speak through their words and love. What was clear in each of the stories was the need to be in people’s lives for the long term and to be intentional in sharing Christ in simple but clear ways.

May God embolden us to so lean on him in dependent trust that we pray and seek opportunities to share Christ in our everyday lives.


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  1. Thanks Lachlan. At Celebrate @ 8 on Sunday we were privileged to hear from a lady who also bore witness to being called in her trust in Christ to work with abandoned street children in Lusoto and with her husband now works extending their work under Christ into other towns. Once this lady was a child from among us at Figtree and a Girls Brigade member. Our considered and mindful walk with Christ has ‘usual’ God led outcomes.

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