Proverbs 5.  Gal 4:8-20.

Today’s readings are both strong warnings against self deception leading to  significant error. They both serve to focus our hearts on the true riches we can lose sight of.

The strong warning against adultery in Proverbs 5 contains emotive phrases as well as reasoning (financial ruin, shame, persisting regret till old age,vengeful husband). We can fall into error when our emotions overwhelm what our mind has reasoned previously to be truth. Appreciating your own well or fountain; being captivated by your wife is true wisdom (15-20) and true riches.

Paul, in Galatians 4, continues his  defense of the gospel, warning strongly that their deception through the influence of the legalistic Jews will lead them back to slavery. Slavery to rituals (of a new kind for Gentiles, old kind for converted Jews), slavery to moral success, good works. Paul pleads with the Galatians (v12), because much is at stake. Turning from freedom to slavery, from knowledge of God to ignorance. As he pleads with them he recalls their close relationship. He is in deep anguish about their position; the goal of his ministry and concern is that Christ be formed in them.

Christ formed in you (v19). We too need to appreciate Christ in our hearts always. There will be distractions and deception. The goal of our life, our church life, our outreaching life is that Christ be formed in us all. Not programs, not good works, but a living dependent relationship with the Risen Lord who lives in our hearts, and by His Spirit draws us into His own, eternal life. True riches.

In our thoughts and prayers this morning, may our hearts appreciate the riches we have in Christ, and be truly grateful.


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  1. Left a reply yesterday but it didn’t go to you! Thanks Phillip for your encouragement at the start of this year. Yes Christ is all we need but our Christlikeness in our behaviour our goal.

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