And so these are the days of the rest of our lives.

Today’s (Su 25/01/2015) FDR reading is Psalm 102

There’s a sense as we reach the end of the Christmas and New Year period that we are getting back to the mundane and ordinary.  While Australia Day, on Monday, holds an opportunity for us to celebrate the good things of a nation put together over millions of years by our God we can sometimes focus on the mundane of our lives as we return to the reality of daily lives.

Some of us return from our annual break, perhaps away.  Others to our everyday work lives as the pressure of work and demands made on us are re-exercised.  Our private lives too often return to the ordinary.  Kids back to school, or off to a new class and so the routine of the school term begins again.  So too the financial tensions can be acknowledged as we look at our bills coming in and what we are receiving or have to pay these bills.

For many others the Christmas and New Year period has been a lonely or traumatic one.of tension, perhaps argument and relationship difficulty.  So too as we look at the year behind us we can see sometimes see in our own lives and in those of our brothers and sisters new tensions and difficulties that have become apparent in the last year and are marking possible difficulties in the year ahead.

But this is a narrow view of our lives that is echoed here in the first 11 verses of Psalm 102.

Yet, like coming home to a favourite and welcome place after an absence, the Psalmist lifts their eyes to the distant goal, and acknowledges God’s hand in what is. (v12-17)

Verses 18 to 24 begin a prophetic phase in which the writer talks of those to come and God setting up His world (Zion) for those who are to be released from the prison of death.

Hey!  They are writing about you and I!

As we look at the last verses of this psalm (v23 – 28) its possible to see a broader view of life than that with which the psalm began.  The writer acknowledges that we are broken and that things God has made will pass, but that He will go on forever.  So too will the righteous and their children, who will be established before God in His presence.

Wow.  What a promise.

I’m reminded of the last part of yesterday’s blog by Peter and Elizabeth which provides us with encouragement to keep in mind those things of our God.  Not to neglect the things of life God has placed around us that are for us to live, work and glorify Him in.  But to balance these with the knowledge and our own personal relationship with our God.  Not just to balance but also to to grow in knowledge and relationship with The Almighty God who has plans for us to share His existence for all time.

As I ponder the “How do I do this” question I am reminded of this verse from James 1:5

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.


May we seek this God given wisdom in all we do and say.