A twisted tale

Today’s readings are Judges 19 and 1Thess 2
As James pointed out yesterday “In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit” Judges17:6, 21:5
For me this culminates in this depraved account in chapter 19. Like me I think you will shake your head in disbelief.
Here we have evidence of the moral decay of Israel. What begins as a Levite man having some issues with his concubine turns into one of depravity. These events very much echo those of Sodom with Lot and his daughters (Gen 19:5).
This Levite is on a journey to “the house of the Lord” vs18 presumably to make some some of offering sort of offering – maybe for troubled relationship between himself and his concubine. He and his company (including a young man) are offered shelter for the night in the Israelite town of Gibeah. Their host initially has moral outrage that the men of the town should demand his male visitor for sex.

It needs to be understood that the Canaanite’s in the land practiced homosexuality quite freely and also incorporated that into some of their fertility based religious practices.

His moral compass is so flawed that he offers his own daughter and his visitor’s concubine to the men of the city. He then forcefully gives the concubine to these men who sexually abuse her all night. She is found dead on the doorstep in the morning.

The Levite then takes her body  home and dismembers it sending 12 parts into the tribes of the nation. I assume this is to shock the people out of their moral lethargy.

It’s hard to know who the good guys are here. I wonder if the Lord has to shake his people today out of the same moral lethargy………or indifference to the suffering world around us.