Lifting our sights

Today’s (Su 29/03/2015) reading for FDR is Psalm 111 #

Thanks Al for your title from yesterday’s blog, “A twisted tale“, which aptly sums up some of our readings from Judges in the last few days.  Also yesterday we find in the 1 Thessalonians 2 reading the opposition to the work of the disciples (v1) in Philipi and angst (v18) at being separated physically from other believers in Thessalonica.

Today we must lift our eyes, hearts and minds to the Almighty we sing in this brief but broadly encompassing psalm of our one true God.

As I came to secondary school, shortly after my growing conversion to Christ, I discovered a God of immense indescribable proportions. For a tiny example; acknowledging the role of my teachers in a range of subjects and my divinity classes and chapel, I came to know an Almighty God who could not be described by a single aspect only.  That we could, through science, understand a partial picture of what we knew about gravity and the universe and then, see a couple of men land on the moon and two of them walk on it.

Wonders, such as these in this photo, continue to challenge me to understand there is a creator God who does indescribable acts each day of our lives.



This learning continued my amazing adventure of learning about an omnipotent God who is our creator.  Even as our lives continue, day by day and hour by hour, I know this creator God to also be the fantastic God who seeks me as a child of His.  Who goes before me in all things, not smoothing the way, but preparing me for all things to come and strengthening me to walk the hard road of faithfulness to Him.  A road which I fall or stray off frequently.  Yet, through His son Jesus, I have a way back, bought by His Son’s blood.

Today our Psalm 111 seeks our focus on our God, the one true living God.

Lets praise Him in the words of this Psalm and seek to live our lives as v10 encourages us:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom;
    all who follow his precepts have good understanding.
    To him belongs eternal praise.

Praise HIs holy Name.


# Click here to read this passage.


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  1. Glenn I too remember those grainy black and white pictures as man walked the moon. I was in yr6 and we got the day off school. I marvelled at that. I now work with physicists who can explain to me the myriad of sub atomic particles ( not that I understand that much!). For me I am amazed at the big and the small things our God has created.

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