The Grace connection

Today’s readings are Daniel 2:24-49 and 2 Thessalonians 2

We’ve just come from reading Judges where some of the chapters leave us feeling like we should have a good wash! Yet God intervened time and again to save a remanent and appoint a new ruler.

Then here in Daniel there are four faithful men who would not touch unclean food.  Yet when the King is about to execute all wise men and advisors Daniel sends a message to the King they can sort out the dream.   After prayer God provides the riddle and the meaning.   So a picture of a new world not built by man emerges before this Babylonian King.  Throughout these events God gracefully protects these faithful men and provides for them so that His will might be accomplished.

2 Thessalonians 2 provides us with a part picture of  a church under pressure and opposition. Yet they are being encouraged to hold fast and remain steadfast in their faith.

And then. . .

Today’s the day we observe the crucifixion of our Lord.   Now is a good time to read Mark’s account of Jesus’ final hours.  Read chapter 15.

What is this all about?   This great chain of grace God provides –  the Grace connection..

That we might know God, and accept the gift of everlasting life through Jesus’ death in our place.


What is your Grace connection?