Who left the door open?

Psalm 112

Blessed  indeed is the man who fears the Lord, who finds great delight in his commands.

This Psalm lists the benefits for the person  who fears the Lord, who honours and acknowledges the place the Lord has in His world and in our lives. Children, wealth, good,  unshakability, and fearlessness are promised. While many of us would like to have most of these things and many of us chase after these things, quite a number of godly people I have met have very few of these things. Many I haven’t met, like those believers in refugee camps today, may have none.

The blessedness perhaps rather involves  being in right relationship with God, knowing him for who he is, acknowledging his Lordship. Delighting in his will, his commands.

This is certainly true, but while we may take some apparent steps in this direction, our selfishness, our self satisfaction, our self righteousness soon become evident. In fact we judge, we resent, we punish others. We can’t lend freely, we prefer to gather God’s blessings to ourselves.

In fact we think it is all about Me. My growth, my experience, my righteousness.

Perhaps the writer of this psalm was writing to Jesus. Not us. Surely Jesus is the gracious and compassionate and righteous man (v4), that we can never be. His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord (v7). We are plagued  by doubt.

His gifts to the poor (v9) his gifts to you and I, the spiritually poor, flow from his death in our place.

In fact, this psalm only begins to make sense today, Easter Sunday. The Day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. When Jesus triumphed over his foes (v8) and brought in his righteousness that endures forever (v3,9). His resurrection opens the door to Eternity.

His children will be mighty in the land. Wealth and riches are in his house and he gives freely. Remembered forever.

Today we celebrate. Celebrate the dawn of the new light in the darkness  (v4). Resurrection. A righteousness that endures forever, a life that knows no fear. A life that is secure. Secure in the Risen Lord. The reality of Easter Sunday changes everything.


One thought on “Who left the door open?

  1. Thank you Philip. I see no reason to think that this Psalm is not addressing the Christian. What I do see however is that the Christian doesn’t know how to love as we are meant to love. We get Gods AGAPE love mixed up with how the world sees love and therefore we don’t get to reap the benefits of this Psalm. We need to ask God to give to His people a revelation of Gods love and how then to put that into action, starting in the home then flowing into our church and community.We need to learn how to love The Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and then how to love our neighbour as our self. Matt 22:40. Everything hangs on these two directives.

    From time to time usually every second week there is a lonley figure of a man sitting in church at 10am. He sits about 4 rows from the front behind me. I hope I am wrong but I only ever see women ministering-loving-this man. They talk to him they bring him to see his kids after church,they give him something for Easter, they pray with him. They are building a relationship with him but he needs men also. He is very lonley after being married for about 20 years and now no longer married. He needs some Christian men to be his friends. To disciple him. To sit with him, to bring him to his kids after church, to pray with him. To be a Christian mate. Men, your wives will love you more when you love the broken around you. Because they will see Jesus.

    I’m hoping to be corrected……………..

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