Take and Eat

Today’s readings are Joel 3 and  Mark 14:11-31.

In Mark 14 we see one of the most celebrated meals of all time. It is called the Lord’s supper.

In the meal when Jesus states this is my body, he is saying in effect, “this is myself.” To those around the table a person’s body encompassed fully the whole person. In the moment of sharing the writer Mark is clear, that they all drank from the one cup. This is so significant for us today and has such a personal connection to the very first meal that our Lord shared in this way.

Drinking the cup of someone meant entering into a special relationship and communion with them to the point that you shared their future and their life no matter the outcome. You became one with them.

The Lord’s supper is no magic ritual that we celebrate today. It invites us to be part of our Lord’s story, it reminds us who we are and who we are connected to. It takes us back and points us forward to a new day and a new future. It is in this moment of the meal we get to see, feel, touch and taste in a sense what it must have been like for our Lord to die for us.

This moment in time, records that past, present and future, the betrayal of Judas, the denial of Peter. We at this moment see what sins being forgiven means and the power of new life that flows from this meal. A meal that provides daily strength for all this who follow Christ.

Even as I write about this meal, I hold on to the hope that there will be a day when we will celebrate in the Kingdom with our Lord himself. These truths are with reflecting on every time we partake of such a meal.

Ian Barnett


One thought on “Take and Eat

  1. Thank you Ian. I can’t but marvel when I look at Peter before and after he received the Holy Spirit. What a new creation in Christ he was. After the Holy Spirit invaded his life his identity was cemented in Jesus. May we continue to ask Gods Spirit to change us and become bold and courageous in Jesus’ name for the sake of the Gospel.

    Tradition says that he was crucified upside down.

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