Not abandoned.

Ezekiel 16:1-29.  Heb 2

More reasons to praise Jesus again, today. The vivid picture Ezekiel paints of rebellious Jerusalem is really a story of the human heart. We are totally dependent. God gives us life (v6), and the miracle of growth (7), relates to us in covenant (8), and beautifies us (13). But our inclination is to idolatry, prostitution,and spiritual memory loss.

Which is why we need saving. Hebrews 2 notes the amazing potential man had, but never realized (6-8). This potential is realized in Jesus (9).Jesus becomes fully human, experiences the full range of testing, fully sharing our situation, including death, to achieve for us the glorious destiny that has been designed by God (10). While death for us was punishment, a natural consequence of our rebellion, a victory of satan, Jesus, through his willing sacrifice and submission of his perfect life, makes death no longer the weapon of satan (14), no longer the end of the story.

Jesus becomes one of us, experiences our suffering, our humanity, and is therefore able to be our representative as champion (10), and priest (17).

So if you are feeling God is absent, a hostile and indifferent world is crushing in, prayers are unanswered; remember, God is not silent. God is not absent.The eternal Son of God entered human life, from helpless baby to being laid in a grave. He shared our defenselessness. God gave himself in love to meet human need. And He succeeded. He achieved for us what we could not do for ourselves. You are not alone in your struggles.

May the distracting details of our lives not cause us to ‘drift away’ (1) or ignore the great salvation (3) that Jesus has won  for us. May we catch the excitement of a glory bought for us, and be gripped by the depth of God’s love for us.