Overflow of the heart

James 3:1-12

[Based on a sermon by Henry Wiley www.gracebaptist.ws]

Words are incredibly powerful, God spoke the world into existence. Or consider the aweful effect of stirring speeches from the likes of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Kony. Our words have the power to build up or the power to tear down. A single phrase can on occasion burrow deep within your soul and needle your conscience or self-esteem for years and years. So we must be careful. We can read the bible, go to church, say our prayers, give money to the poor but if we speak hurtful and careless words then our witness is undermined. Steve mentioned yesterday that we are not saved BY deeds but TO do good deeds — so also the evidence of our salvation will show up in our speech. Salvation is not from what you do, per se, it’s about who we are (followers of Jesus) and who we are will be evident in what we do and say. If you choose to sin with your eyes, feet or hands some passage of time usually occurs between the thought and the deed. Not so with your tongue, it’s as quick as taking half a breath. Your tongue can wreak havoc in a millisecond if you don’t keep it under control. Paul’s advice to us is to be slow to speak. Good advice!



2 thoughts on “Overflow of the heart

  1. thank you Matthew. I think that Isaiah summed it up well in 6:5 where he said that he was a man of unclean lips. But God didn’t just leave him there coming under condemnation God had done something that dealt with the sin of his (Isaiah’s) lips. Jesus does the same for us today. as soon as we know that our mouths have done it again we can come to Jesus and get cleaned up. This unfortunately is not a once off experience. Its a life long goal, unobtainable this side of eternity (for me anyway). But all God is looking for is progress and a heart that wants to speak well. As we go into another week take note of the chances we get on how to respond. They will be many and varied. The Holy Spirit will also reveal our hearts because if somehow I manage to keep my mouth shut He will convict me of the heart attitude. The Blood of Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteousness. Thank you Jesus.

    Set a guard over my mouth LORD keep watch over the door of my lip . Psalm 141;3

    Power of life and death are in the tongue Proverbs 18:21

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