Christians in leadership

Daniel 6

It doesn’t surprise us that Christians often get appointed as leaders in business or politics. If they are honouring Christ then they will be trustworthy, prudent, reliable and hard working. What great qualities for any leader. But what is almost as certain as Christians in leadership is those who will want to cut them down.

Daniel is the cream of the crop. He has been chosen to be the ruler of the kingdom under the king because of his leadership qualities. Daniel 6 says that even his detractors could not find any corrupt way or negligence in him. There is one thing that a corrupt leader hates, and that is someone who is not corruptible, and therefore might expose them for who they are. Daniel’s response to their scheme is commendable. We don’t hear one word from Daniel throughout the whole set-up of his down-fall. He just calmly goes about being reliable Daniel who reveals his allegiance is first of all to God and then to his boss, the king.

What an incredible testimony to other Christian leaders in the world. A righteous path may not lead to a smooth road, but it will honour God.

Ultimately we like the justice of the passage. The baddies get eaten, and God gets glorified. But let’s not forget the faithfulness of Daniel throughout the whole ordeal. And let’s not forget that it is God who has placed so many Christians in leadership, and that those leaders need our support and prayer.