Famous in their own lunch box**!

Today’s (Tu 04/07/2015) FDR passages are Daniel 11 and Matthew 5:1-12

Some times we reach this point of happiness or satisfaction where in our perspective** everything is great and we feel very happy or satisfied. Yet these two passages show lives and dynasties very differently where ,in the first, Daniel, any ‘happiness’ or ‘satisfaction’ is fleeting and fragile.  The second, in Matthew, demonstrates a quite different perspective where blessings flow and happiness is reached for those who follow these Christian behaviours.

Daniel 11 continues the prophesy of Gabriel, who is showing Daniel what is to come  for countries and empires around him.  Although accurate in other prophesies, of particular note is the accurately predicted rise of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the Seleucid king who reigned from 175-164BC. Antiochus not only is to do much harm to the Jewish nation and their religion and cities but to show no respect for any religion.

Yes, I’m saying, based on others research(1) and my own experience of our God, that God and His servants can point into the future and put their finger on events and people accurately.  These are distressing claims to those who oppose us as they cannot understand, in their own self focussed** thinking, that there is a real God who can know and do all these things that Gabriel prophesied . And much more.

As we look again at the Matthew passage for today we will quickly see we are reading the Sermon on the Mount.  Each sentence speaks of blessings that arise from actions or behaviour.  If we stop for a moment and look again at the first few verses we see Jesus carefully setting His place in this deliberate action.  He takes the place of one who has authority, one who is to give directions and describe actions and outcomes for His listeners.  His disciples.  .You and I.

The deliberate nature of this sermon in choosing to deal with behaviours allows us no room for doctrinal thinking or discussions. Rather these brief behavioural models are Christian life guides. Places for us to live our lives with outcomes guaranteed.

What was your response to Oscar ‘s call to action in our services yesterday?  Mine hasn’t  occurred yet!! Hmmm.

What will be your and my response to our mission week challenges?

What will we change about our lives and our personal mission in response to God’ s call and challenge through His servants we meet this week?

Friends,  we are Christ’s.  Will we be effective ambassadors for Him acting in the ways prescibed and being blessed for glorifying our God?

A prayer – Heavenly Father,  guide,  refresh and challenge us as we seek to remain effective ambassadors for you.  That we might both grow in love and knowledge of you and continue to serve you amongst our sisters and brothers and those who do not know you.  Allow our hearts and minds to work for your glory in Jesus name.  Amen.


1 - Researched at Christian Courier 

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