The end is not the end

Daniel 12. Matt 5:13-16

Daniel ch 12 records the conclusion of Daniel’s vision, which had many confusing details, not only for Daniel who did not understand (v8), but for our curiosity too. However what we can see clearly, is that resurrection is on the table hundreds of years before it first occurred.It is real. It is promised to Daniel! At the end of the days you will rise (v13).  It follows death. Daniel is old. He, God’s obedient servant, endured and outlasted the might of the Babylonian empire. He is told to ‘go your way till the end’. Perhaps it is soon.His way has been that of obedience to God amidst opposition, now from the Persian empire, and the vision predicts future distress also. But following distress(v1), comes deliverance, everlasting life (v2). Note that those that lead many to righteousness will shine forever.

May the certainty of Resurrection in Jesus transform us. For an amazing read on this have a look at ‘Surprised by Hope” by Tom Wright.

Matthew records Jesus’ words to Israel in the sermon on the Mount, to be the Light of the World. Something they failed at, but Jesus, as true Israel fulfilled.

We can only a light to our world as we shine Jesus.God intends His love and wisdom to be shone into His world by His redeemed human creatures.

How are we going to shine the light of Jesus in the hours ahead of us today? Seek His strength in prayer this morning.


One thought on “The end is not the end

  1. Thank you Phillip. How do I apply this principle of being salt and light in an every day sense without sounding too heavenly minded for any earthly use? Well to me its in the every day things that we are called to be different. When standing in line I can be aware of others around me particularly when being served., I can give the person serving me my full attention rather than looking at my phone. I can look for opportunities to show kindness like letting in someone before me once again whilst waiting in line. When someone is rude whilst driving I can still enjoy peace if I don’t let it bother me. Often Jesus is testing my own response when someone is rude as to how loving I can be towards them – I fail a lot but at least I’m not where I was 15 years ago. If I’ve been given too much change at the check out do I just put it in my wallet or do I speak up at let the cashier know. Am I loyal to my employer with my time given at work. Do I take office pens or other equipment just because “everyone does”. I’m sure we can come up with lots of other examples.
    I think that’s the biggest challenge, thinking different to everyone else. To crucify the thought pattern of ,”well everyone does it,’ I can too. NO we cant!! That’s part of being holy. We have blended in far too much. Like what was said on Sunday Life is not about me its about Jesus. May the Holy Spirit give to the Church a revelation of these words that sinks deep into our hearts and changes our direction.

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