True blessing

Psalm 128 is such an encouragement for a household that fears the Lord. The words speak for themselves. As a husband and father, the blessing that is promised to come upon my wife and children from knowing the Lord is great. The challenge is to “walk in His ways” (verse 1). From there the blessing of the Lord will be upon a household, and extend outside into the community.

Prosperity within family and community is a wonderful thing to behold, so long as God is given the credit for it. Note that the passage twice speaks of the repeated blessing only coming from a fear of the Lord. Family itself can become an idol where we worship it as being more valuable than God, so in all things we (or at least I) need to be constantly reminded of this. Jesus of course reminds us that those who are not willing to give up even family (if required) to follow him are not fit for the Kingdom.

Likewise, the passages speaks of material prosperity only coming from the Lord. Once again this can easily become an idol if we forget who it is that created wealth. May we not be like the foolish man spoken of by Jesus who plans to tear down and build bigger barns for himself while forgetting about the Lord and the material needs of others.

Sincerely yours this day, praying to fear the Lord first and foremost and give Him the credit for the blessings that flow,



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  1. Thank you Mark
    Yes, it is “we” who must always put the Lord first when it is so easy to leave the Lord after family and or other things
    Keep up the great work
    I appreciate your blogs

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