A Man of Surprises

Today’s readings are Matthew 9:1-17 and Ezra 10.

Jesus always surprises!

He reaches out to a paralysed man. What does he say? “Your sins are forgiven.”

He sees to the heart of the man and those around him.

Matthew – a tax collector for the Roman Empire. By definition an outcast and considered a traitor to Israel. “Follow me” says Jesus. Not only that – he ate with Matthew and his “sinner” friends. Scandalous!

As usual, Jesus goes straight to the heart of the matter – it is the sick who need a doctor.

Dear Jesus, may we be like you and get to the heart of the matter and may our words be seasoned with compassion and grace.


2 thoughts on “A Man of Surprises

  1. Thank you Andrew. Sometimes we can have the tendency to focus on the physical healing more than the spiritual healing. Jesus chose to do both in this beautiful story. One day we will all be healed physically when we are in heaven, meanwhile the spiritual healing is so very important for those who don’t know Christ. There truly are no better words to hear than,”Your sins have been forgiven”. Do we know and treasure these words in our own hearts?

  2. Thanks Andrew. Yes and may we do good to those around us as Ron said last night. Indeed this is evidence of the holiness that has already been bestowed upon us.Yeah I agree with you Connie. We all want to be well though so I guess that is always our go to in prayer….mine anyway. If only I could have that heavenly body now!

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