A binding agreement

Nehemiah is a wonderful story of recommitment to God. In chapter 8 the law is read. In chapter 9 the people recognise their sin and repent, turn away. Chapter 10 is a commitment to remain faithful.

We have all signed agreements in our life time. Some of them are absolutely binding. If we don’t pay the rent the owner is going to turn up on our door step with an eviction notice and a For Rent sign under their arm.

The Israelites did a similar thing. The payment system for the land of Israel was paying tribute to God, not a financial payment but an honour system. Yahweh would be their God and they his people. When the Israelites failed to be God’s people by ignoring him as the king and ruler, God expelled them.

Now in Nehemiah 10 the people covenant with a binding agreement to once again be Gods special people. And everyone gets to sign it! would they keep their part of the agreement?

As time goes by I notice that things that were once so important to me sometimes become less and less important. You just need to look in my garage to find some of those things that have been relegated to the back of the shelf. Someone once told me that vision leaks. By that he meant that a bright shinny vision of what the future might be is diluted over time and soon we find ourselves not working toward achieving that vision.

What’s your vision for your relationship with God? Is it getting a bit foggy? Does it need to be recast in your own mind again to spur you on toward achieving that vision? What are you working at doing or becoming for the glory of God? What are you working at not doing or changing for the glory of God? Are you willing to write that down and put your signature to it?

2 thoughts on “A binding agreement

  1. Thanks Lachlan. What a motivator War Room was last night! It is so easy to fall into a pattern of praying on the run, but really building a relationship with Jesus, relying on him, listening to him, waiting on him and then thanking him for answers takes a bit more commitment. That’s what I’m putting my signature to. Please feel free to keep me accountable!

  2. Thank you Lachlan. Before we can make an impact in our community and this country we have to be right in our relationship with God on a personal level. I have no role to play in fighting for the Kingdom where i am not willing to deal with the sin in my own personal life. Even involved in a ministry. First get cleaned up in relationships, in personal sins, in corporate sins then and only then can I be a part of impacting this community for Christ. Back to basics. I liked how War Room dealt with individuals dealing with the sin in their own life no matter what the consequence was, and then God was able to move. We are in a war. Its time to get serious if we are going to make a change. We need a holy discontent for the way things are before we are willing to change. Loved the lukewarm coffee scene!! Go and see this movie it has Gods blessing upon it and we have work to do. The Matthew reading shows us that the Kingdom of Heaven is the most valuable thing that we can ever hope to have and that we must be willing to give up everything to obtain it. May our hearts be revived to this truth.

    If My people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from Heaven and I will forgive their sins and restore their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

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