Half a dozen questions.

Today’s (Fr 04/09/2015) readings are Esther 3 and Matthew 16:13-28

There are three parts of each of today’s readings that I want us to focus on by asking questions about each part.   I’ll leave you to consider your answers and I hope you will post some of them briefly here.


Surely Queen Vashti knew what her King might do if she refused to appear before him and his guests?  Today would we call this a feminist response? (Esther 1)

What of Esther? Taken into the harem she made sure she would please the King by studying what might please him. Then ensuring she did. (Esther 2)

Mordecai had much at stake.   His adopted daughter taken from his side,  to the King’s harem,  then to become the King’s favourite?  Why did he hold so strongly to his beliefs and faith in the face of commands to put the King before God? (Esther 3)


Today,  at this time, who do you say the Son of Man is? Why?

What of Peter?  One moment, the son of man is the Christ, and then he seems to dispute Christ’s prophecy about His coming persecuction and crucifixion?  Could you or I react exactly like Peter in these circumstances?

The IVP New Testament Commentary Series makes this statement concerning our commitment in answer to Jesus’ challenge in verse 27:

“John dared to believe that God’s eternal riches outweigh any cost in the present, so he became a true disciple of Jesus Christ.  Yet how few disciples we have; except for going to church and paying tithes, many Christians today do with their time and money much the same as what morally upright non-Christians do.”

What are our individual places in respect to v27 and this observation?

May the Lord grant each of us insight to see ourselves as He does and clarity of mission to serve Him in the ways He requires for His glory.



2 thoughts on “Half a dozen questions.

  1. Thank you Glenn.I so can relate to Peter. I too have been found guilty of the same disease that Peter suffered from – namely foot in mouth. In Peters defence however he was a changed man after he received the Holy Spirit. We see Peter in his humaness without the indwelling Spirit of God. I however have no excuse because I have the Holy Spirit living inside of me. I think the answer is in Jesus’ own words in verse 24 where He says,”If any of you wants to be my follower (disciple) you must turn from your selfish ways take up your cross and follow Me’. I am still so very selfish and still so often put my interests before those of others. May God help me to be willing to daily put myself on the alter and become a living sacrifice for Him each and every day.

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